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Mountain Village in Nepal Spared Significant Damage from Latest Major Quake, Scientology Volunteer Minister Reports

The May 12 earthquake struck shortly after a team of 16 Volunteer Ministers reached a mountainous district some 86 kilometers north of Kathmandu. In a remote mountain village in Nepal’s Dhading district, 86 kilometers north of Kathmandu, a group of Scientology Volunteer Ministers (VMs) were fortunate to have just arrived when the 7.3 magnitude May 12 earthquake struck.  Being on the spot permitted them to provide relief.

Scientology Assists Bring Miraculous Relief to Victims of Nepal Earthquakes

An Indian medical doctor, who is also a Scientology Volunteer Minister, demonstrates how to perform a Scientology locational assist.

Hundreds of thousands have suffered loss, injury and displacement in a nation ravaged by death and destruction. Volunteer Ministers help with Scientology assist techniques. In one of the legion of tent cities that ring Kathmandu in the aftermath of the Nepal earthquakes, a woman lies on a mat surrounded by members of her family. She is motionless. She doesn’t turn her head. She seems almost dead—and very nearly was. The woman was buried beneath rubble for 24 hours after her home crashed on top of her, caved in by the massive 7.8 earthquake on April 25.

Legendary Mexican Search-and-Rescue Team Los Topos Answers the Call Following Devastating Nepal Quake

Lost Topos searched for bodies in a ravine—it was rumored people were buried there.

Scientology Volunteer Ministers arranged transport for 16 Topos members to the disaster zone to assist with rescue effort after April 25 temblor. Under the leadership of longtime first responder Hector “El Chino” Mendez, a 16-member contingent of Mexico’s Los Topos search-and-rescue team was flown to the center of the disaster zone in Kathmandu, Nepal, in the wake of the devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake of April 25 – risking their own lives to comb through the rubble for survivors.

Scientology Volunteer Ministers Team Delivers Aid to Villages in Nepal

The motto of the Scientology Volunteer Minister is "Something can be done about it."

VMs tote generators, food packs, tarp shelters and bags of rice to villagers and orphans still reeling from devastating April 25 most recent May 12 earthquake. Over the past week, a team of Scientology Volunteer Ministers headquartered in Kathmandu, Nepal, has delivered aid to villages in the surrounding area – as well as to an orphanage where some 40 children entertained the volunteers with both traditional Nepalese songs as well as one sung in English.

Volunteer Minister reports from the National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster Convention

A member of the Volunteer Ministers representing the Churches of Scientology Disaster Response (CSDR) at the National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster Convention or VOAD for short, sent in the following blog entry:

Second Major Earthquake in 17 Days Strikes Already Crippled Nepal, Killing Dozens and Injuring Thousands

A second massive earthquake struck Nepal May 12, 2015. Los Topos, part of the Scientology Nepal Disaster Response Team, worked with Nepali police and army to help evacuate a hospital and search a collapsed building for any sign of victims trapped inside.

Scientology Volunteer Ministers sprang into action when the second major earthquake in 17 days hit Nepal 12 May. In the pandemonium that erupted when a 7.3 earthquake struck Nepal Tuesday on the heels of the massive 7.8 temblor just 17 days before – and resulting in dozens of additional deaths and several thousand new injuries – the seasoned first responders on the Scientology Nepal Disaster Response Team sprung into action to help with a fresh rescue effort to support those at risk, and to work to restore calm.

Aerial Drones Assist Earthquake Disaster Assessment in Nepalese Villages

An aerial drone takes in the scene of the yellow-shirted Scientology Volunteer Ministers passing out food and tarps to families in need in the outskirts of Kathmandu. The drone was used to help in the search and rescue effort after the April 25 earthquake.

A pair of drones served a vital purpose in traversing landslide-strewn Nepal roads, when two men, part of the Scientology Volunteer Ministers Nepal disaster response, used the images from these devices in the search and rescue operation.

Arriving in Nepal on April 29 and joining the Scientology Volunteer Ministers team, two live event producers made unusual and valuable use of the small aerial drones they use in their work, when they trekked to the small remote mountain villages bordering China several hours outside Kathmandu.

Los Topos and the Harrowing Task of Search and Rescue in Nepal

Hector "El Chino" Mendez, the founder of Los Topos (in the yellow scarf) with the leaders of other first responder teams at a meeting to coordinate search and rescue efforts. Mendez, a trained Scientology Volunteer Minister, displays his Volunteer Minister badge on his uniform.

Los Topos are utterly competent, dedicated and skilled rescue workers who, because of their experience, are trusted to go into areas others are forbidden to enter because of safety concerns. Thus, for the first three days after their arrival in Nepal, they carried out search and rescue in the district hardest hit by the April 25 earthquake, close to the border of China.

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