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Scientology Disaster Response in Thailand

Thai Volunteer Ministers help prepare food boxes for distribution to those stranded by floodwaters.

Scientology Volunteer Ministers are providing relief in Bangkok, Thailand, where flooding has affected some 3 million people. 

Volunteer Ministers from the Church of Scientology Mission of Bangkok are working with other relief organizations to cope with the needs of those at a temporary shelter at Chon Buri College where more than 4,000 evacuees were moved to two weeks ago where they cooked and distributed food and provided Scientology Assists

If you are planning to go to Japan

An Australian Scientology Volunteer Minister administering Assist.

Some 80 Volunteer Ministers are active on the ground in Tokyo handling food and supply logistics and helping displaced people. Additional groups of Volunteer Ministers have been dispatched to Northeast Japan and are working in shelters in Onagawa, Watari, Natori, Sendai and Kesennuma. Within the first ten days of the disaster we have reached close to 8,000 people. In addition to delivering Assists* and helping with logistics and distribution, our teams are also training people daily on basic Volunteer Minister technology.

Photos: Volunteer Ministers in Sendai and Tokyo

Nurse and Scientology Volunteer Minister Ayal Lindeman (center) and team gathered in Tokyo last night.

The next group of specialist-trained Scientology Volunteer Ministers arrived in Tokyo and hit the road early morning to Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture (224 miles/360 kilometers away from Tokyo).

Associated Press Report: Scientology Volunteer Ministers in Kesennuma, Japan

Associated Press report, 19 March 2011: "Japanese volunteers from the Church of Scientology give what they called 'a kind of healing massage' to elderly people staying at a shelter for those whose homes were damaged by the tsunami in Kesennuma, Japan, Saturday, March 19, 2011."


Photos: Japanese Scientology Volunteer Ministers in Action

Japanese Scientology Volunteer Ministers are active in shelters to help with transport and distribution of water, food, hygiene articles and winter clothes.

Right after the earthquakes and tsunami hit Japan our Scientology Volunteer Ministers corps in Japan and neighboring countries were activated. In the first week following the disaster over 5,000 people were helped.

A visit to the VM Camps in Haiti

Haitian Street Life in May 2010

Paris Morfopoulos, a Volunteer Minister and first-responder who went to Haiti for several weeks in January and February 2010, just recently returned from his second trip to Port-au-Prince. There is still a lot to do and though the news media is not reporting anymore about the help needed in Haiti, the VMs are relying on your continued support, either through the International Association of Scientologists or with skills, time and direct support! Read his report here:

Chile: Scientology Volunteer Ministers administering aid to earthquake and tsunami victims

Areas affected by the February 27 earthquake.

In the early hours of the 27 February 2010 a 8.8 magnitude earthquake rocked Chile. The main shock created a tsunami that killed hundreds of people and affected more than 2 million in various cities and towns of this country. The city that was mainly affected was Concepción, the second largest city in the country which is about 280 miles from Santiago, the capital city of Chile. The Scientology Volunteer Ministers network mobilized Chilean Volunteer Ministers in Santiago and Rancagua, a city about 200 miles north-east of Concepción.

Scientology Volunteer Ministers Haiti: Over 284,000 people helped

Since the disaster hit Haiti on 12 January 2010 over 300 Scientology Volunteer Ministers from 22 countries got active and continue to help the Haitian population - every day.

    In the first week following the Haiti earthquake the Church of Scientology Volunteer Minister corps has mobilized and safely transported more than 350 rescue and medical professionals and Volunteer Ministers to Haiti. Donations for about 40 tons of food and medicine were raised and the supplies were brought into Haiti for distribution, in coordination with the United Nations. Within ten days over 100 Volunteer Ministers were working in Haiti.

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