Rescue Effort at Mexico City Maternity Hospital by Topos Volunteer Ministers

Scientology Volunteer Ministers, who are members of Los Topos (the Moles), joined their colleagues in responding to the disaster. Los Topos is the highly acclaimed Mexico search and rescue group who, like moles, burrow under collapsed buildings to rescue survivors.

Scientology Volunteer Ministers, part of the famous Los Topos search and rescue team, responded to the blast that left seven dead and dozens injured.

For three days in overnight sub-zero temperatures, some 200 rescue workers searched through the rubble of the Cuajimalpa Maternity Hospital in Mexico City. Reported in the March edition of Freedom Magazine, some 80 percent of the hospital was destroyed by a blast in the early morning of January 2015.

Volunteer Ministers Mexican Disaster Response

Volunteer Ministers disaster response in Guerrero, Mexico after hurricane Raymond swept through areas already flooded by last month’s storms.

The third major storm to hit Mexico this hurricane season has left an already weakened infrastructure reeling. Hurricane Raymond careened toward Mexico’s Pacific coast threatening new flooding in Acapulco, still recovering from September’s heavy rains.

Scientology Volunteer Ministers Respond to Guerrero State Disaster

The head of Latin American Volunteer Ministers (standing left) and the director of Los Topos (seated left) planned and coordinated response to Tropical Storms Ingrid and Manuel at the National Scientology Organization of Mexico in Mexico City.

Mexico’s Tropical Storms Ingrid and Manuel have wreaked havoc, with the death toll now 123 and an estimated 59,000 evacuated. The first of the two nearly simultaneous storms made landfall on September 16, affecting two thirds of the country in the worst storm to hit Mexico in decades.  

Scientology Volunteer Ministers of Mexico Complete Search and Rescue Training

Scientology Volunteer Ministers learned to penetrate and advance inside and underneath buildings to track and extract victims.

A team of Scientology Volunteer Ministers returned to Mexico City this week after completing a rigorous course of training in disaster search and rescue in various locales around Mexico.  The training was supervised by Los Topos, the renowned Mexican search and rescue team featured in a National Geographic documentary on the Japan tsunami of 2011, and other top professionals.  The purpose: to leverage experience and expertise gained to direct the activities of the Scientology Volunteer Ministers Disaster Response in the worst possible disasters.

Scientology Volunteer Ministers Provide Training to Fire Fighters and First Responders in Chihuahua, Mexico

Ayal Lindeman (center) training first responders on Scientology Volunteer Minister technology in Chihuahua, Mexico.

Chihuahua, Mexico—Scientology Volunteer Ministers team up with fire fighters and search and rescue specialists to provide training February 20-25.  Civil protection units and representatives of 16 local fire departments are participating in the program, organized by the 911 Fund.Ayal Lindeman, Scientology Volunteer Minister, emergency medical technician and nurse said,

Los Topos and the Volunteer Ministers of Mexico Provide Disaster Response Training

The Los Topos team digging for survivors.

Los Topos, the famous search and rescue group of Mexico, and Volunteer Ministers Armando García and Dr. Sandra Ramirez are holding series of seminars in first aid and Volunteer Minister disaster response techniques at the Church of Scientology of Mexico, Balderas No. 27, Centro Historico, Del Cuautémoc, Mexico D.F.

Scientology Volunteer Ministers on National Geographic TV in Mexico

On May 8th, National Geographics TV Latin America broadcast a 45-minute documentary about the works of "Los Topos" and the Volunteer Ministers in Japan. (National Geographics TV Mexico.)

Elite Topos Rescue Team Partners with Scientology Volunteer Ministers

Volunteer Ministers and other Community Emergency Response Teams drill life saving skills in triage and search and rescue operations.

On October 23, Hector Mendéz, president and founder of Topos México, the elite search and rescue team, was in flood-weary Veracruz, helping to unite relief efforts there. On his official Topos rescue jumpsuit he proudly sported a recently added Scientology Volunteer Ministers badge.

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