Scientology Volunteer Minister Ayal Lindeman Named Nurse of the Year

Ayal Lindeman (left) accepting Nurse of the Year Award from President of Haitian American Nurses Association (HANA) of Rockland County, New York.

The Rockland County Haitian American Nurses Association honored Ayal Lindeman with their Nurse of the Year Award.

At the annual gala celebration and fundraising event September 15, the Rockland County Haitian American Nurses Association, HANA, presented their 2012 Inspiring Leader and Nurse of the Year Award to Ayal Lindeman for his service to the people of Haiti.

Scientology Volunteer Minister Teams up with Archangel Airborne to Provide Emergency Medical Training in Haiti

Ayal Lindeman (center), delivering a seminar on community health and first-aid in Carrefour, Haiti.

Scientology Volunteer Minister Ayal Lindeman is carrying out his 6th humanitarian mission to Haiti since the January 2010 earthquake.  Since arriving May 14, he has trained more than 1,100 community health personnel, families and first-responders in simple skills that save lives.

Veteran Scientology Volunteer Minister Returns to Haiti

Scientologist Ayal Lindeman in the yellow Volunteer Minister T-shirt after one of the recent seminars provided in Haiti.

Scientology Volunteer Minister Ayal Lindeman commemorated the second anniversary of the January 2010 earthquake by returning to Haiti to conduct a series of seminars on first aid and Scientology assist technology.

Scientology assists are techniques developed by L. Ron Hubbard that speed recovery from illness, injury stress and trauma.

Update from Haiti for September 2011

One of the Scientology Assist seminars, delivered in September in Haiti.

More that 300 Volunteer Ministers groups in Haiti trained more that 20,000 in simple VM techniques and helped some 12,000 in the month of September 2011.  We continue delivering seminars throughout the country.

Some of our recent activities include:

Twenty-four Volunteer Ministers groups in Bon Repos, Sarthe, Lilavois, Meillet and Cotard delivered seminars to more that 2,000 people.

Looking Back on the Past Ten Years of the Volunteer Ministers Movement—2010

January 2010 - Port-au-Prince, Haiti: Volunteer Ministers unload medical supplies and food from Scientology-sponsored flights.

The Scientology Volunteer Ministers who served at Ground Zero in the months following 9/11 set a standard for disaster response and inspired a movement that carried forward for the past decade. In 2010,  hundreds of thousands trained in the skills of the Scientology Volunteer Minister reached out and helped others in times of disaster.

Scientology Volunteer Minister Returns to Haiti to Train Local First Responders

An active partner in the Rockland County Haiti Relief Coalition, Lindeman agreed to conduct the August 2011 training sessions the Coalition organized in Haiti.

Volunteer Minister Ayal Lindeman just returned to Spring Valley, New York, after training 100 community-based first responders in Haiti in the fundamentals of first aid, search and rescue techniques, simple solutions to contaminated drinking water, and basic Scientology assists, technology developed by L. Ron Hubbard that speed recovery by addressing the emotional and spiritual factors in illness and injury.

Spring Valley Mayor Declares July 12 Ralph Mary Gedeon Day

Spring Valley, New York, Mayor Noramie Jasmin (center) awards Ralph Mary Gedeon (right) a plaque commemorating Ralph Mary Gedeon Day—July 12, 2011. At left is LPN, EMP and Scientology Volunteer Minister Ayal Lindeman who saved Gedeon’s life.

An amazing young man, whose life was saved by a Scientology Volunteer Minister after the Haiti earthquake, is determined to make a difference for his country.

Spring Valley, New York, Mayor Noramie Jasmin has designated July 12, 2011, as Ralph Mary Gedeon Day in recognition of the courage and resolve of a young survivor of the January 2010 Haiti earthquake.

Haitians Create a Better Future with Scientology Volunteer Ministers’ Help

The Scientology Volunteer Ministers Haiti Headquarters in Port-au-Prince were built and opened in May 2010.

One year ago this week, the world was riveted on images of the destruction wrought by the magnitude 7.0 earthquake that hit Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Scientology Volunteer Ministers (VMs) were among the first to set foot in the devastated country after the quake, bringing with them medical teams, supplies and physical and spiritual aid for the victims.

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