Scientologist Peter Dunn, from Adelaide, Australia, flew to Haiti in the first days after the earthquake.  He is there for the long run. 

A highly trained Scientologist who has worked as a staff member of the Church of Scientology for 30 years, Dunn’s first task once there was to help in the hospitals providing any needed support for the doctors. 

With the most immediate medical situations now under control, he is providing one-on-one help using Volunteer Ministers techniques that address trauma, stress and loss.  He is also training others.

Peter Dunn plans to stay until Haiti is back on its feet, and to do everything he can to make sure it gets there.

Scientology Volunteer Minister, Peter Dunn, from Adelaide, Australia, with a woman who is much happier after he helped her with a Scientology assist.
Peter with a little boy in Port-au-Prince.
Which one of them had more fun?
Volunteer Minister, Peter Dunn gives a touch assist to a woman in Port-au-Price. Touch assists help the person establish better communication with the body so he or she can recover more rapidly from illnesses and injuries.
Another Scientology technique called a nerve assist also supports healing.
Peter with two other Volunteer Ministers. The booklet they are reading is called "Assists for Illnesses and Injuries." It is part of Volunteer Minister training. Anyone can learn to deliver one of these assists in a matter of a few minutes.