Cassandra Hepburn is a Scientology Volunteer Minister, back in Haiti for another round.  She is working at the University of Miami Hospital in Haiti,  checking people in, discharging patients, delivering supplies, filling out forms--the various things an entire staff usually do at a regular hospital is all being done by volunteers in Haiti.  When not there she visits orphanages, delivering food and supplies. Cassandra raves about these beautiful children and how good-natured and loving they are. 

In one of these photos you can see Cassandra with Albertée, a nun who runs an orphanage for 25 children.  In addition to her own orphanage, Albertée also takes care of 200 children at a second orphanage and 68 more at a third.

A little girl at the orphanage. "Such a beautiful child," Cassandra said. "She adopted me."
Cassandra with a nun (left) named Albertée who runs an orphanage, and a nurse at the University of Miami Hospital unit in Haiti).