Haitian Supreme Court, where the country lost many judges and some of its top lawyers. Because of decomposing bodies you can smell it a block away--lots of lives lost here.
This was originally a 5-story supermarket with dozens if not hundreds of people inside when the quake hit. The smell told us that this was definitely the case.

A short update from photographer Brad:

07:00 am:

Early wake up call at PAP airport by a 6.1 quake 35 miles away. Dead sleep to dead run in less than a second! What better way to get adrenaline flowing in a.m. than a 6.1.

12:00 pm (noon):

Adrenaline junkies, survivalists, mercenaries, basic do-gooders, journalists, medics all here with common purpose...to help...pretty awesome ...

02:00 pm:

In the rubble of the inner city of Port-au-Prince with the Volunteer Ministers caring for people, helping at dig sites.

03:00 pm:

Went on a successful recovery Mission to retrieve small boy and his mother stuck inside a refugee camp.

08:00 pm:

Just established a new HQ at the airport in the Tent City with all the other NGO's, right between Russa and Netherlands teams.

02:35 am:

Beautiful night by the runway at PAP. 2:35 a.m. and still see 4-5 planes lined up for approach.