The Washington Jewish Week came out with an interesting article about  volunteer firefighter and wilderness emergency responder Ari Katz who managed to hitch a hike to Haiti with John Travolta and the Scientology Volunteer Ministers:

When Ari Katz first heard about the catastrophe in Haiti, his training as a volunteer firefighter and wilderness emergency responder kicked in immediately.

"I'm hands-on," said the 20-year-old Potomac resident. "I've always been right there in the thick of things, and I realized that it would not be enough to just send money. I needed to go there and be involved."

And he was ‹ after hitching a ride from John Travolta. Piloting his own Boeing 707, the actor flew supplies, doctors and other volunteers (Katz included) from Clearwater, Fla., to the quake-ravaged island earlier this month.

"It was nuts; just crazy," said Katz, who never expected to meet Travolta in person. But he did. "He was a nice and genuine guy. He introduced himself to everyone on the plane."

Katz had connected with Travolta's people through a member of the Scientology church (the actor is a follower) who was working with staffers at the Haitian embassy in the District. After having failed repeatedly to land an assignment in Haiti through other outlets, Katz arrived at the embassy unannounced to volunteer his services in the disaster zone.

Read the rest of the article in the Washington Jewish Week.