Haitian girl being transported back to her family's tent after treatment for a broken hip. (Photo credits: Scientology Volunteer Ministers corps/CSI)

Many Volunteer Ministers who come back from Haiti share the observation that Haitian people are astonishingly resilient and, despite  the misery and even despite heavy injuries, they keep finding solutions to improve survival.

Scientology Volunteer Ministers share this way of life and their motto--Something can be done about it!--resonates with the Haitian population. One month after the earthquake it is now time to help rebuild the infrastructure of the country and get people to work.

More Volunteer Ministers are arriving in Haiti. Last night a Russian team arrived  in Port Au Prince via the Domenican Republic--a plumber, technicians and Volunteer Ministers skilled in the repair of cars and other machinery.

You can support them! If you cannot go to Haiti for one month or longer please donate! Every donation and every bit of help counts.

Anyone planning to deploy to Haiti might want to do the free online course in Haitian Creole at this link: http://bykiweb.byki.com:8080/haitian/flashcards/

To find out how to go to Haiti to help please contact vm@volunteerministers.org