The Scientology Volunteer Ministers in Kesennuma presented a very special and colorful thank you note to Mr. Toshiyuki Mizutani, CEO of Hodaka Bicycle Company from the students of Hashikami Junior High School today.

With roads and public transportation destroyed, food and supplies were not making it to the ill, injured and elderly residents of Kesennuma. The Scientology Volunteer Ministers Disaster Response Team approached Mr. Mizutani with a plan—if the company could provide bicycles to the relief effort, the students of Hashikami Junior High School would use the bikes to deliver badly needed supplies to those in need.

Hodaka agreed to help, and earlier this month the company donated 32 bicycles, helmets and bags for the project.

Once the students carried out their supply deliveries, they donated the bicycles to victims whose cars were demolished by the tsunami. Thanks to this gift, the delighted residents are now self-sufficient again.

Mr. Mizutani, who was touched by the acknowledgement and eager to share it with his staff, plans to carry on with donations of bicycles to needy Sendai residents.