TRANSLATION: Higashi Nihon Televsion 27 April 2011

0:00 Big tsunami waves knocked even a beautiful pine tree at Iwaisaki.

0:12 But even that big wave could not move an inch of the bronze statue of the Ninth Yokozuna Sumo wrestler Hidenoyama.

0:24 A descendant of Hidenoyama is volunteering at shelters in her hometown.

[Volunteer Minister walking in a shelter, talking to refugees.]

0:32 Ms Kikuta currently resides in Tokyo, but came back to her hometown on the 13th of March, wanting to help, and she is still working as a volunteer.

0:43 She knows almost everyone who lives at Hashikami Junior High School, which is her old school.

0:50 Counselling or stroking one’s body, she says she wants to do anything she can.

[Volunteer Minister giving a nerve assist at Hashikami Junior High School.]

1:07 Sachie: “Whenever and wherever, I want to do anything that’s needed. We did things like, sorting damaged photos – whether it’s small or large, I want to help in many different ways, so that locals will have energy to create again and move ahead.

1:35 Love for her hometown – Yokozuna must be proud of her.

1:41 End