In the past five days the Church of Scientology Volunteer Minister corps has mobilized and safely transported more than 350 rescue and medical professionals and volunteer ministers to Haiti. Donations for tons of food and medicine were raised and the supplies were brought into Haiti for distribution, in coordination with the United Nations. Close to 100 Volunteer Ministers took time off jobs and left their families and the comfort of their homes to help people in Haiti. The following photos cover only a part of the many stories of our Scientology Volunteer Minister. A disaster of such magnitude is a new lesson and a new challenge for us and we are learning every day.

Our groups have set up tents close to the airport and are sharing several houses that survived the earthquakes that hit Haiti January 12, 2010. Another camp is being set up by Scientology Volunteer Ministers in the Dominican Republic, close to the Haitian border, to help refugees who are crossing the border and to arrange logistics for food and supplies to go into Haiti. At any time of the day, Scientology Volunteer Ministers are helping injured and distressed Haitians and giving them orientation and hope for a brighter future. In the past days they have established themselves as a stable source of help at the General Hospital of Port-au-Prince and in the many make-shift hospitals around the city. Whatever needs to be done, unconditional help is being delivered.

This is the mission of the Scientology Volunteer Ministers corps. Help us help them!



On 12 January 2010 a major earthquake destroyed Haiti's already weak infrastructure, killing and injuring hundreds of thousands.
The United Nations estimates about 400,000 have been left homeless in the Haiti capital of Port-au-Prince alone.
Within three days of the disaster Scientology Volunteer Ministers arranged a 130-man flight to Haiti, bringing urgently needed medical professionals and supplies.
There was an outpouring of help that day at JFK airport—EMTs, medical doctors and volunteer ministers.
The flight,from JFK airport to Haiti with a stopover for more volunteers and supplies in Miami,on January 16, 2010, also carried several tons of water, food and medicine to Port-au-Prince.
Passengers on humanitarian flights still need to check in as usual. Note the sign stating "All Classes - Port Au Prince".
Another flight out of Los Angeles airport brought urgently needed hygiene supplies and medicine,health care professionals and volunteers.
Boxed-up medicine ready to be loaded on board.
Volunteer Ministers and rescue workers aboard the plane from Miami to Port-au-Prince.
The first team of volunteers arriving in Port-au-Prince at dawn, January 17, 2010.
Volunteer Ministers coordinating activities with some of the medical professionals.
Volunteer Minister in the back of a truck, en route to helping with the relief work in Port-au-Prince.
Some Volunteer Ministers are certified nurses or midwifes. Volunteer Karen (left) assisted the birth of seven children in the past week!
The newborn and his mother
Volunteer Ministers in Port-au-Prince, getting ready to start a day of relief work.
A friendly word.
Searching the rubble for signs of survivors.
Another plane arrives in Haiti with 11 Haitian-American Volunteer Ministers from Miami. The jet landed in the Dominican Republic on January 18, 2010 and the team drove to Port-au-Prince.
Volunteer Ministers helping in a hospital in Jimani close to the Haitian border.
Several dozen patients on the floor of the makeshift "hospital" in Jimini on the Dominican Republic/Haiti boasrder--no beds or sanitation.
The disaster orphaned thousands of children who wait in a camp, close to the airport, in hopes of transport to a new future in the US.
In Puerto Rico, Volunteer Minister Santiago Lampon gets ready to drive a 100 by 30-foot tent and several thousand bottles of water to Haiti. The first leg: a boat ride from Puerto Rico to the Dominican Republic.
In the Dominican Republic Santiago has an accidental encounter with South American superstar Ricky Martin and tells him why he is there.
The journey continues through rubble and over bad streets.
In the evening of January 19, 2010 the Volunteer Ministers Tent from the Church of Scientology of Puerto Rico finds its new home, close to the tarmac of Port-au-Prince Airport.
Tent city: Volunteer Ministers and other humanitarian relief workers are living side-by-side in tents on the grounds at the only airport in Haiti.