Hearing about the inestimable number of physical injuries and an estimated 4 to 6,000 amputations in Haiti from injuries from the January 12 earthquake, physical therapist Christina Panetta decided to use her skill to help Haiti recover.

She and her husband Richard left for Port-au-Prince February 14 on one of the Scientology-chartered flights. They have spent the past six weeks volunteering in Port-au-Prince. In the photo, above, sent in by an iPhone, Christina and and Richard help kids at Port-au-Prince General Hospital learn to use their crutches.

Christina Panetta (center back in blue scrubs) and husband Richard (to the left of her in the photo) with children in Port-au-Prince. Here they are helping children learn to get around with crutches.
The Church of Scientology is bringing crutches, walkers and wheelchairs to Haiti aboard a ship they chartered, due to arrive in Haiti next week.
A wheelchair being loaded about the ship, to be taken to Haiti.