Photo series: Puerto Rican Scientology Volunteer Minister made it to Port-au-Prince tonight. The VMs  drove their van, with thousands of bottles of water and a huge VM tent, through the Domenican Republic this morning and trucked safely into Haiti.

The VM van is transporting a huge tent for use in Haiti and also brought medical supplies and over 2,000 bottles of water that were donated residents of Culebra and Vieques in Puerto Rico as well as members of the Church of Scientology and the Adventist Church of San Juan.
Volunteer Minister Santiago from Puerto Rico and another Volunteer Minister arrived by ferry to the port of Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic, bringing the bright yellow Scientology Volunteer Ministers van.
In the Dominican Republic.
Trucking over rough streets towards the Haitian border.
The van is approaching the border area.
Passing the border to Haiti!
Through No Man's Land in Haiti, following a United Nations escort.
The VM van is following a United Nations escort to the central station for non-governmental organizations at the airport in Port-au-Prince.
Arrived at the central communications hub for non-governmental organizations, at the airport.
All-hands: Constructing the tent
Almost there!
The next morning: the tent stands! In the background, a view of the tent city at the Port-au-Prince airport that came into being after the disaster that struck on 12 January 2010.