No matter the difficulties you may be facing in life, Scientology offers answers. It provides an exact technology with step-by-step procedures you can use to handle problems and better your life and the lives of those around you. The Scientology Online Courses are based on the principles from the Scientology Volunteer Ministers Handbook.


With Scientology Assists, developed by L. Ron Hubbard, anyone can help ease the pain and suffering, both physical and emotional, of friends and family members. 

While Assist technology is the mainstay of the Volunteer Ministers who respond to natural and manmade disasters, it has tremendous impact on the lives of individuals anywhere on a daily basis. A woman for Canada learned and used this technology by enrolling on free online Volunteer Ministers training, and shared what occurred:

“Of everything I've learned in this life and any action I have taken, learning and using the assists tech is one of the most profound. These simple and humble techniques have the power to change people's lives, ease pains, heal old wounds, and even just make their outlook brighter and more positive. What greater good can a person do than to help another heal?  I cannot think of one.

“Sometimes, the person getting an assist only knows that they feel happier and more relaxed, yet does not notice that as they walk away, they're standing straighter, are more extroverted, or aren't limping anymore. How humbling to see the look of joy on someone's face when they realize that they don't need that brace anymore, or to be hugged by someone that you've helped to rid of a blinding migraine, or to see the tears of relief and joy when they discover that all the pain they'd been putting up with was suddenly gone.

“It took me only minutes to learn the assists and they worked the first time. They work every time I use them. It costs me nothing to give them, except a few minutes of my time and attention. There's no big secret to the technology, so I can show people how to care for each other when I'm gone.  And, best of all, these people become MORE capable to confront and handle their lives. There is no dependency on me and I can move on to put someone else on his or her feet.

“That is what a real healer does. I am both proud and humbled to say, ‘That is what I do.’” – R.L.

There is nothing harder on a mother than a sick or injured child she cannot help, and nothing more gratifying than learning Scientology Assist technology and using it to help a son or daughter in need, as this woman stated upon completing the Assists for Illnesses and Injuries course:

“Thanks to this course I am now able to sleep again. Before there were many times when my 4-year-old son had pain in his legs and the doctors said that it was because he was growing so fast.  They could not give a real diagnosis . ‘Psychosomatic’ would be the right term for it.

“Usually he would have that kind of pain when I was tired myself and did not have any strength left to handle him. Carrying him around, rubbing his legs, swinging him softly  did not give him any relief or stop his crying.  And it is really hard not to get upset when you fail to sooth him.

“But since I learned about the assists and started applying them, I get him back to sleep in often less than five minutes.

“This has helped us a lot. He was able to sleep seemingly painless and I was so relieved that I have found a way to help him, along with my entire family, because they suffered too.

“I am amazed that these assists can take the pain away. It is so easy, when you know what to do.” - M.H.


A young man from Malawi, disturbed about continual conflicts in his family, enrolled on the Cause of Conflicts course on the Volunteer Minister website in hopes he could restore harmony to his home.

He was not disappointed:

“My mum and dad had a big problem for the past two months. They were not talking or eating together. My mother phoned me telling me all the problems concerning my dad. After two days it was my dad's phone call, explaining the bad things that my mum was doing.

“As I am writing this to you I am coming from my parent's home.

“I called them together and questioned them one by one, using the ‘third party law’ that I learned on this course. I tell you, it was so amazing to find out that the problems started after my dad received a false report from a person who was just pretending to assist.

“They thanked me for bringing them together again and asked how I managed to do this for them. I explained about Scientology and how I learned to resolve conflicts after attending the Volunteer Minister online course. They were all amazed and promised to resolve other conflicts starting from today.

“I am very grateful for this course as my parents now love each other again as when they were just married.” - B.S.


A Sierra Leone woman whose marriage was failing gained firsthand knowledge of the value of the Marriage Course.  She described it in these terms:

“The Marriage Course helped my husband and me understanding each other by learning to communicate our love, to respect each other, be honest, trust each other and to speak up when annoyed and not harbor anger. We were on the verge of separation, thinking there was no way to repair the damage.

“The Marriage Course was a godsend.

“One of the things we lack in the African tradition is communication, as the husband is always in charge and right in all aspects. In our culture, the men are dominant, the women are shy to express their feelings—and this, in most cases, results in divorces. We have no marriage counselors to repair marriages.

“Having done the course, I have come to learn and understand that marriage is the foundation of a family unit., I am glad I did the course.” - J.M.F.


An American man who used to feel depresses, commented how much happier he felt on completing the “Solutions to a Dangerous Environment” course:

“It's amazing to me how much ‘stuff’ there is out there that tells people how they should feel.  The news on television and print is full of ‘scary’ stories that are sensationalizing people into fear and sadness.

“I took the advice written in the course and haven't read a newspaper or watched the news on television for a week, and it's remarkable!  Since I began this ‘experiment’ I have been more joyful and actually have slept better and have not gotten depressed.  Before I began, I would read two or three newspapers a day, and my TV channel basically stayed on network news all day—you could say I was a news junkie. I was also depressed, lacked motivation and slept poorly. 

“Now, instead of reading the paper I read something from Scientology or Dianetics, or something that edifies my spirit.  As far as TV goes, I hardly turn it on during the day and in the evening I watch my favorite shows without all the hype from any news outlet.

“I never realized how much all that bad news affected me, now I feel energized and full of life!

“Thanks, Scientology and L. Ron Hubbard, I wish you were still alive—the world needs your wisdom.  I will learn more so I can help people.  You can count on me.” - M.G.