Mr. Pedaiah Paul M. Teba, Director of the World Light Caring Mission of Uganda
Arriving for the seminar
Answering questions during the seminar

At the request of educators in the Bushenyi District of southwest Uganda, in May 2011 a team of Kampala-based Scientology Volunteer Ministers led by Mr. Pedaiah Paul M. Teba, Director of the World Light Caring Mission of Uganda, traveled the 200 miles from the nation’s capital to provide a series of seminars.

More than 5,000 teachers, parents, students and children attended the seminars that local officials hope will become an ongoing tradition.

It began with a seminar on communication and Study Technology in the village of Nyakabarizi, at the request of Nyakabarizi Community Group chairperson John Kisembo.  He was joined by the school headmistress and her deputy, Marion Ashaba and Fiona Natukunda, village leader Boaz Arinda, community group representative Laura Nabasiima and 1,500 students.

Headmistress Ashaba found the seminar very productive, saying, “Communication has been a problem to us, but from today we shall be able to listen properly, communicate better and will be willing to understand.”

Her sentiments were shared by teacher Muheki Deus: “I have been taught many things I have never considered before, especially in communication. What these Volunteer Ministers are doing is equipping people with lifetime skills to make the world a better place.”

In the village of Bitereko, the leaders of the Bitereko community group joined 950 students and staff of the Kigarama Secondary School in a seminar geared to improve student performance.

Matovu Alfred, head teacher of the school, described the seminar as “an eye opener.”

Director of studies Mr. Ahimbisibwe found the seminar “very helpful” and requested the Volunteer Ministers to return and provide additional training. 

The reaction was similar the following day in Biharwe at the Mbarara Preparatory Primary School.  At the end of the seminar to 1,300 students and teachers, headmaster Francis Natulinda told the volunteers, “The door is open any time you want.”

The motto of the Scientology Volunteer Ministers is “Something can be done about it,” free seminars like these make this motto a reality.

Seminars are available to any school, nonprofit or community group, church or organization through the Scientology Volunteer Ministers website.  They provide effective technology developed by Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard to deal with illiteracy, unresolved conflicts, drug abuse, broken marriages, criminality and numerous other topics for dealing successfully with the problems encountered in life.