22-24 March 2010: Update on the Hornbeam: Monday afternoon in Miami final preparations for the 1,500- mile trip of the former US Coast Guard Ship were done. Several Scientology Volunteer Ministers helped to load over 170 tons of supplies, including wood-burning stoves donated by the charity of wife of the Haitian Ambassador to the U.S.  Tomorrow an ambulance and a school bus will be loaded on board and the ship will be tugged out to open sea and leave for Haiti.

CBS 6 TV reported on the loading action at 11 pm local time, 22 March 2010:

On arriving in Haiti later this week all supplies will be distributed to hospitals, schools, orphanages and charities. The ship, the Hornbeam, will be tugged up the Miami River and out to open sea on Wednesday, March 24. The ship also brings Scientology Volunteer Ministers to join the Scientology Disaster Relief team, which has been in Port-au-Prince providing relief since January.

The former US Coast Guard ship "Hornbeam" at its arrival in Miami on 20 March 2010.
The 896-ton ship will travel 84 hours to Haiti.
Several vehicles and supplies for them are being shipped to Haitian aid organizations.
Loading of the Ambulance, 24 March 2010.