Scientology Volunteer Ministers are providing relief in Bangkok, Thailand, where flooding has affected some 3 million people. 

Volunteer Ministers from the Church of Scientology Mission of Bangkok are working with other relief organizations to cope with the needs of those at a temporary shelter at Chon Buri College where more than 4,000 evacuees were moved to two weeks ago where they cooked and distributed food and provided Scientology Assists

Teams of Volunteer Ministers also packed some 5,000 food boxes and delivered them by boat to those stranded by the floodwaters.

To join the response team, fill out the disaster relief form on the Volunteer Minister website or donate to the disaster response fund (on the right).

Thai Volunteer Ministers help prepare food boxes for distribution to those stranded by floodwaters.
A Volunteer Minister gives a package of food to a Buddhist monk who was stranded by the flood.
A Volunteer Minister distributing food to a flood victim.
Thai Volunteer Ministers chain the food from their car to boats for distribution to flood victims.
The Volunteer Ministers ferried the food by boat to stranded flood victims.
The Scientology Volunteer Ministers Thailand Disaster Response Team, providing relief to flood victims.