by Rev. Linda Smith Churches of Scientology Disaster Response

Published July 4, 2013 in The Phoenix

Scientology Volunteer Ministers have been on the ground covering 3 counties in OK for over a month with 50 volunteer ministers from Oklahoma, California, Georgia, Texas, Costa Rica, Canada, Mexico and Haiti. During disasters volunteer ministers serve under Churches of Scientology Disaster Response . We have been responding to disasters since the 1970s. We have teams in over 100 countries and have served in Oklahoma beginning in 1995 with the Oklahoma Bombing; the Oklahoma tornados in 1999; and the Pitcher, Oklahoma tornado in 2008 .

Our motto is "Something Can Be Done About It". We work with all people of all faiths and all ethnicities, young, seasoned (the seniors), vulnerable and groups of good will with the common goal of helping others in times of disasters or great need.

Since the first tornado in May, through the destruction and despair, shining brightly has been the resilience of the survivors and the generosity of the people of Oklahoma - coordinating and working alongside people from all over our great Nation and different countries . People of different faiths have come together to help. Donations and volunteers have been pouring in to Oklahoma to assist local churches, individuals and organizations who have taken the initiative to care for their own and get it done.

The Church of Scientology Volunteer Ministers Disaster Response Corp have been providing emotional/spiritual care and doing what is needed and wanted working with the Volunteer Centers, churches, individuals and in three different counties-Oklahoma, Cleveland and Canadian Counties .

Locally, the Scientology Volunteer Ministers Disaster Response Corp has been working with area churches and individuals who have been doing a fantastic job-taking the initiative of organizing volunteer management, setting up different Volunteer Centers, Donations Distribution Centers and coordinating Volunteers. This is a great community spanning a large distance that is doing something about it! At the Little Axe Baptist Church Volunteer, Feeding and Distribution Center, volunteers from all walks of life are all working harmoniously together. Christians, Scientologists, Jews, Muslims and Buddhists have all been doing what needs to be done to take care of unmet needs-helping those who have been displaced, some who have lost everything, while resilient survivors rebuild their homes and their lives.

Scientology Volunteer Ministers have worked with Field of Teams who have been taking the lead coordinating volunteers and faith-based groups to clear debris out of agricultural fields around El Reno. It's hard to estimate the extent of the economic loss resulting from the tornados, but due to the fine work of these volunteers crops have been saved by the volunteers' quick action by preventing destruction of many acres of cash crops.
Despite all the unselfish, hard work that has been done since the tornados, there is still much to do. There are families who still need tents put up or are living in other temporary housing, some without electricity, without air-conditioning or cooking facilities .

How can you contribute? Everyone has special gifts and talents. Whether young or seasoned, vulnerable, no matter your financial situation, religion or ethnicity-Something Can Be Done About It. Whether it is helping set up a tent, build/repair structures, help manage donations, cook, or just sit and listen-you can help. Volunteer Smart-Please call the great folks at Little Axe Baptist Church who are coordinating volunteer efforts:

Donations-supplies, food, etc. and Needs Requests: Bob Moore-405-343-0550

Food distribution and cooking: Joy Nix-405-329-2033

Working-job assignments-field management-work crews: Greg Faulkner-405-8l6-8665 Volunteer and Volunteer Centers Networking and Coordination-Kelly Ramsey at 405-481-6682 You are important and your help is needed. Everyone can do something. Just call the numbers above. Thank you Oklahoma-you are the Heart of our Homeland and God Bless American on this 4th of July.