The on-line Communication Course includes a film illustrating its key concepts.

In the first two months since the Volunteer Minister Virtual Cavalcade went online in 16 languages, course supervisors have received more than 5,000 lessons from students on six continents. The courses, covering life skills from parenting to ethics to productivity at work, are free of charge and grow in popularity daily.

One Supervisor reports logging in shortly after the multiple language launch to find more than 200 lessons from new enrollees to read and respond to. “I handled those and went to lunch,” she says. “When I returned an hour later, there were more than 300 new lessons waiting for me, and it has never slowed down.”

The Scientology Volunteer Minster motto—Something Can Be Done About It—is reflected in success stories that pour in from those learning Scientology solutions to life’s problems.

Bringing Relief and Sanity

“This course actually brought relief, sanity and security to my life. Every time things were going great for me, I used to worry because I knew it wouldn’t last. Then I would do things to my friends and family that were so bad that they would leave me. I lost so many friends this way. I tried to figure out why and read a huge number of books hoping to get answers. I never did find those answers until I found the Integrity and Honesty Course. It was clear and easy to understand and this has raised up my life.” —B.H.P., Thailand

100% Confident It Will Never Happen Again

“I am delighted to have completed the Integrity and Honesty Course. Last year, my integrity as a physician was compromised by financial temptation. I was struggling to come to terms with what I did. I was looking to find any course material that dissected why integrity can be compromised and how you can analyze this problem and resolve it, so that I could assure myself and others that this would never happen again.

“This course was the first thing I came across which mentioned things I could instantly relate to, particularly the concepts of overts (deeds which harm others or oneself), withholds (not telling someone about harmful acts that one has done) and justification. When I read those things it was as if I was reliving what I did, but this time with an understanding of how the mind works behind it. Hence, I now fully understand why I did the things I did, to such an extent I can be 100 percent confident that it will never happen again.” —S.S., United Kingdom

It Was Magic

“The Components of Understanding Course has taught me how to increase my affinity, reality and communication with others. This gives us all the capacity to understand each other, and we really need that understanding in this world. “I work as the Personnel and Organization Chief in a hotel, and I have 71 employees under me. Many of them don't ever see each other, nor do they talk to each other. By learning and applying the information in the Components of Understanding Course, I have been able to get these employees to see the common things between them. It was magic! Reality and affinity went up and the communication improved 100 percent. Now we all understand each other better.” —R.G., Venezuela

No More Shame

“I just wanted to tell you that Scientology has really done it for me. When I finished the Technology of Study Course, I took a 4 hour test to show that I am ready to take college-level computer classes. The results went through the roof! My reading and comprehension are at a Master Level. The math score was low, but I restudied and re-took the test. And now, thanks to what I learned in the online Technology of Study Course, I am going to be doing COLLEGE classes! I truly am a smart woman after all. I had just been hiding behind a wall of shame.” —T.M., United States

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