After being treated for burns and other injuries, victims came to the VMs for assists to help speed up the healing process.

In the early evening of September 9th, a violent explosion and giant fireball erupted in the heart of the San Francisco suburb of San Bruno, causing local residents to flee. Responding to the scene within minutes, Scientology Volunteer Ministers from the Bay Area assisted in the relief effort, as police and firefighters worked throughout the night to contain the fire.

Dawn of the following day revealed that nearly 50 homes had been leveled and dozens more seriously damaged. In the center of it all, the explosion had blown a crater 167 feet long and 26 feet wide. But just beyond that devastation stood a yellow tent, where Volunteer Ministers (VMs) were doing what they have done in so many disaster areas. No matter the task, they worked to restore calm and order in the area and the lives of rescue personnel survivors, including aiding officials touring the disaster sight and providing assists to speed physical and spiritual healing. In fact, several residents from nearby neighborhoods came to the VM tent asking, “Is this where you volunteer?” Whereupon, they were immediately trained in the technology of assists.

At a nearby recreational center, where evacuees were temporarily relocated, the VMs were also present— passing out water and other supplies, providing a listening ear for anyone who simply wanted to talk about what had happened and directing people on where to fill out Federal Assistance and insurance forms.

Perhaps the most telling tale of the help the VMs gave came from the Red Cross coordinator, who thanked them for their rapid and vital assistance. Whatever was needed and wanted, she knew the VMs could be depended upon to provide it.

But the story doesn’t end there, because the Volunteer Ministers in the Bay area say they will continue to render assistance to the victims of this disaster until they can get their lives back on track. This means everything from sifting through belongings and papers to providing counseling. All of which underscores the motto of the Volunteer Ministers both in the San Francisco Bay Area and throughout the world, as they continue to prove that “Something Can Be Done About It.”