The documents and study materials for each of the courses may be viewed on mobile devices.
Tablet users now gain instant access to life skills training free of charge through online Scientology Volunteer Ministers courses.

Instead of wasting away in the departure lounge, what if you could turn your downtime into the solution for the major issues in your life? 

You can take a free Scientology Volunteer Minister course designed to address the stress and problems in your life. These are available now wherever you go, on your iPhone, Android, iPad or e-book reader. 

Learn the basic tools of study while waiting for the elevator, master the art of communication in line at Starbucks, organize your long-term goals during your next haircut, or improve work life from the elliptical. These courses are where you find out about solutions that work and that you can use now.  

Begin by selecting one of 19 subjects, log in with your Facebook, Google, Yahoo or Windows Live account and follow effective lessons at your own speed, with videos that illustrate core principles. 

Practical assignments help you apply what you have just learned and feedback from a trained supervisor keeps you on track. Be one of thousands who found out why the motto of the Scientology Volunteer Ministers is "Something can be done about it."

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