Lifeboat for Haiti headed out of Miami earlier this week. On board is an ambulance, medicine, food, and supplies for hospitals, orphanages and other charities in Haiti. It is also carrying individual wood-buring cooking stoves destined for the IDP (internally displaced persons) camps.

While tons of rice has been transported to the island to help the refugees survive, those who lost everything in the earthquake and are living in the camps have no way to cook it. Along with these little stoves the ship is bringing 67 tons of wood chips to burn in them. A team of Volunteer Ministers will unload the ship when it arrives in Port-au-Prince.

The Hornbeam, a former Coast Guard icebreaker, is en route to Haiti with relief supplies on board.
Lifeboat for Haiti heading out of Miami, with ambulance destined for a Haiti clinic secured on the deck.
On arrival in Haiti the supplies will be distributed to hospitals, clinics, orphanages and other charities to help with the relief effort.