King's Cross, site of one of four London Transport System Bombings, July 2005

Bringing Order to Chaos

When three bombs exploded in the London Underground and a fourth blew the top off a double-decker bus during the morning rush hour, 250 Volunteer Ministers rushed to the scene. Organized into six Disaster Response Teams they got to work immediately: assisting the traumatized, directing survivors to safety, providing succor to the injured and to the exhausted rescue workers. They worked with officials behind the scenes to bring the crisis rapidly under control.

"I saw the Church of Scientology Volunteer Ministers conducting extensive community help to those courageous men and women who were dealing with this tragedy around the clock and I thank them for this. Your work demonstrates that 'Something can be done about it,' and you are doing a marvelous job."

Mohamed Al Fayed

"In a crisis such as we had at that time, it was a wonderful thing to suddenly see, almost as if it were spontaneous, people like the Scientology Volunteer Ministers, appearing as if out of nowhere. There they were to plug the gap and they did it very nobly, did it very well."

Robert Noel
Executive, College of Arms, England