14,000 lbs of cargo were sent to Haiti on the 14 February 2010, including about 6,000 lbs medical supplies and 9,000 lbs food, construction materials, sleeping bags and tents.
Austin Eastlee yesterday at Los Angeles airport (LAX) from where he went to Miami to join other aid workers on their way to Haiti.

A group of volunteers left for Haiti Sunday to help those devastated by the earthquake.

"After everybody forgets about helping, we're still gonna be there and they're still gonna need us," said Austin Eastlee, a volunteer Scientology minister who was one of nearly 90 volunteers about to board a Haiti bound flight.

On board the flight sponsored by the Church of Scientology, there were doctors, nurses and ministers from all faiths.

"There's really no difference in who you are when you're helping," he said. "You know there's no difference in what God you pray to or what religion you [follow]."

Also on the flight were 46 doctors and medical professionals as well as a catholic minister, several engineers and sanitation specialists.

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