Te Vaka, "one of the greatest South Pacific bands of all time" (Credits: http://www.flickr.com/photos/brotfabrik/1752168542/)
Scientology Volunteer Minister Group in Banda Aceh, Indonesia
(Photo credits: Thorsten Overgaard (c)2006)

Te Vaka frontman Opetaia Foa'i: "We owe much to groups like the Red Cross, Oxfam and the Volunteer Ministers (the flash of yellow) and all other emergency response groups like them.

"It is with great respect for their hard work and care that I dedicate this album to them."(1)

The Scientology Volunteer Ministers Tsunami Relief team arrived in Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and Sri Lanka shortly after the Tsunami hit these areas in December 2004. Scientology Volunteer Minister activities have continued in these areas for more than five years now, with continued support and help given to the population.