The symbol of the Ghana Boy Scouts.

When Ghana’s Project Director for Major Disaster Training Seban Laryea went looking for disaster response training for his Boy Scouts,who did he turn to? The Scientology Volunteer Ministers. 

Laryea is preparing the Ghana Boy Scouts for any catastrophe that could strike Africa. “Disasters are either man-made or natural as an agent of God,” says Laryea. “The objective of the training is to equip the scouts and guides with the skills of preventing disasters that are avoidable and to manage those that are not preventable.

“Africa has not been seriously tested on a large scale disaster except a few earthquakes, flooding and ethnic conflicts. When the program succeeds in Ghana, our objective is to take it to all other African countries,” says Laryea.

With Volunteer Ministers training and in the spirit of their motto, “Be Prepared,” Ghana’s Scouts will be ready to deal with any potential disaster that could threaten Africa’s people and property.

To accommodate the Scouts, a full regimen was developed for training on first aid administration, relief services, environmental sanitation, health and safety measures, search and rescue operations, fire prevention and fighting as well as conflict resolution skills. Using The Scientology Handbook, the Volunteer Ministers will cover a range of subjects as part of the program.

Training starts soon, so stay tuned for future Ghana Scout updates and photos!

The Scientology Volunteer Ministers (VM) deliver seminars and courses based on the practical technology developed by L. Ron Hubbard. VMs are trained to respond in times of major disaster and personal crisis. Proficient in Scientology technology, they have solutions that apply to any area of life, from marriage counseling and conflict resolution to alleviating emotional trauma and resolving problems with study. In the last ten years alone they have helped over ten million people.