The head of Latin American Volunteer Ministers (standing left) and the director of Los Topos (seated left) planned and coordinated response to Tropical Storms Ingrid and Manuel at the National Scientology Organization of Mexico in Mexico City.
In the wake of Tropical Storms Ingrid and Manuel, Los Topos volunteers rescued six people buried by mudslides in Guerrero and continue their rescue efforts.

Mexico’s Tropical Storms Ingrid and Manuel have wreaked havoc, with the death toll now 123 and an estimated 59,000 evacuated. The first of the two nearly simultaneous storms made landfall on September 16, affecting two thirds of the country in the worst storm to hit Mexico in decades.  

Mexican Volunteer Ministers (VMs) set up headquarters at the National Scientology Organization of Mexico in Mexico City to coordinate disaster response. Four VMs immediately left for on-the-ground assessment of the disaster site. A team of Los Topos volunteers has now rescued six people buried under mudslides in Guerrero, and they continue to search for survivors.

Officially known as Tecnicos en Urgencias Medicas, Seguridad y Rescate 19 de Septiembre (Emergency Medical, Safety and Rescue Technicians of 19 September)—the date in 1985 when the magnitude 8.1 Mexico City earthquake killed some 10,000—they earned their reputation and name (“Los Topos” means “The Moles”) for digging below disaster sites, no matter how dangerous, to rescue survivors.

Los Topos and Scientology Volunteer Ministers of Mexico have worked together at disaster sites since the January 2010 Haiti earthquake.  Members of both groups have now cross-trained on Volunteer Minister and Los Topos technologies, giving each a broad capability to help in times of disaster.

With water contamination a major situation in the areas affected by Tropical Storms Ingrid and Manuel, the Volunteer Ministers have put out a call for water purification equipment. To donate equipment contact International Volunteer Ministers headquarters at (800) 435-7498.