Help has no language barriers: Russian Volunteer Minister gets help by Haitian kids.
International team: French, Japanese, Russian and Haitian speaking Volunteer Ministers with kids in the village they help to make weatherproof for the upcoming rainy season.

Six weeks after the devastating earthquake in Haiti and with new disasters in Chile and Japan, the need of efficient organization is more vital than ever. At this moment new teams are building up to deploy to earthquake shaken areas in and around Chile. They will organize support and help for the victims of the February 27 Chilean earthquake that displaced more than 2 million people.

Scientology Volunteer Ministers from Mexico, Russia and several Asian countries have taken over now from the first-responders who have been on the ground in Haiti since 17 January 2010.

While the "old hands" are moving on to help establish logistics and care in new disaster areas, the "Russian Bears" (as they call themselves) and others are helping to build up safe and weatherproof housing for the many Haitians that lost their homes during the 12 January 2010 earthquake. They are in a hurry as the rainy season showed its first signs this weekend, leaving several dead or injured from rain floods in the south of Haiti.

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