Mr. G.S. Saini, Director of the National College of Civil Defense of India with the lead Volunteer Minister for India.

The Director of the National College of Civil Defense of India, G.S. Saini, invited the Scientology Volunteer Ministers of India to take part in that country’s national conference scheduled for November 17th, 2010, in India. 

One of the functions of the Indian government’s Ministry of Home Affairs is to "mitigate the suffering resulting from natural and man-made disasters." The National College of Civil Defense in Nagpur was established to help carry out that function. Since opening its doors in 1957, the school has trained nearly 50,000 trainers, who have educated hundreds of thousands more on all aspects of disaster response.

Civil Defense College students include officers from India’s paramilitary forces and Home Guards, as well as trainers from the Central Police Forces. The training program includes planning and coordination of disaster operations, search and rescue, and first aid.

Active for more than 30 years in assisting authorities in emergency response—as well as
long-term care for victims at well over 190 major disaster sites around the globe—the Volunteer Ministers (VM) are seen as a vital resource by an increasing number of officials and citizens worldwide.

VMs have earned this respect by offering down-to-earth practical solutions to resolve everything from major disasters to everyday problems. They offer training on 19 different courses, both in classrooms and online. For example, there are courses on how to organize any kind of activity—including what to do to control the chaos that usually accompanies a disaster. There is also a course on alleviating mental and spiritual distress and so speed up the body’s ability to heal itself.

Any of the tools learned on these courses, as well as other Volunteer Ministers techniques, have a proven record of not only bringing succor to victims but also of relieving the burden of executives working to get proper assistance into disaster areas.

It is sharing these practical techniques that has made VMs partners with relief organizations worldwide and is the primary reason they have been invited to the Indian National Conference on Civil Defense.