Scientology Volunteer Ministers of Inglewood March in Support of Martin Luther King Day of Service

The Church of Scientology participated in the 27th annual Kingdom Day Parade to honor the legacy of Dr. King

In honor of Martin Luther King Jr. and his legacy, Volunteer Ministers of the Church of Scientology of Inglewood marched on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard in Los Angeles January 16, in observation of Martin Luther King Day of Service 2012.

Acknowledging a Quarter of a Century of Committed Service

An active partner in the Rockland County Haiti Relief Coalition, Lindeman conducted the August 2011 training sessions the Coalition organized in Haiti.

Scientology Volunteer Minister, LPN and EMT Ayal Lindeman earned the 2011 Freedom Medal through his exemplary service to mankind.

At the 27th anniversary of the International Association of Scientologists in October 2011, Ayal Lindeman was awarded the IAS Freedom Medal for his humanitarian work as a Scientology Volunteer Minister. 

2001-2011: The Volunteer Ministers Movement—10 Years of Indiscriminate Help

More than 800 Scientology Volunteer Ministers provided help at Ground Zero in New York in the wake of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, where they became known for their compassion, skill and willingness to take on any task.

Over the past 10 years the Scientology Volunteer Ministers movement has become the world’s largest independent relief force.

Scientology Volunteer Ministers of Tampa Bay at the Manatee County Fair January 12-22

A Scientology Volunteer Minister helps a visitor address a personal problem at the Volunteer Ministers tent at the Manatee County Fair.

Using the principles of Scientology, Volunteer Ministers offered interested participants guidance and support

This year, thousands who came to the Manatee County Fair for the food and the fun came home with something more—practical solutions to brighten their days year-round, thanks to the Tampa Bay Scientology Volunteer Ministers.

Los Topos and the Volunteer Ministers of Mexico Provide Disaster Response Training

The Los Topos team digging for survivors.

Los Topos, the famous search and rescue group of Mexico, and Volunteer Ministers Armando García and Dr. Sandra Ramirez are holding series of seminars in first aid and Volunteer Minister disaster response techniques at the Church of Scientology of Mexico, Balderas No. 27, Centro Historico, Del Cuautémoc, Mexico D.F.

Volunteer Minister Thailand Disaster Response

Volunteer Ministers in Thailand are carrying on with relief to victims of the worst flooding to hit that country in 50 years.

While food waters are receding in many parts of the country, 16 central and four southern provinces are still affected, and flash floods and landslides again hit some of the southeastern provinces this week.

Tampa Bay Volunteer Ministers Hold Successful Donation Drive For Florida Blood Services

During their Autumn Blood drive, the Volunteer Ministers of the Church of Scientology collected 57 donations for Florida Blood Service this past weekend, potentially saving up to 171 lives.The Church of Scientology of Tampa’s Volunteer Ministers collected 57 units of blood this weekend at their Autumn Blood Drive in downtown Clearwater. This was the fourth and final blood drive of 2012 by the Volunteer Ministers, (also known as VM’s), who worked with Florida Blood Services on the event.

Japanese Volunteer Ministers Helping Farmers Harvest Their Rice

A Volunteer Ministers loads his cart with cut rice plants that have been bound into small bales at the Shinteigai Farm in Northeastern Japan.

Those who survived the earthquake and tsunami in Northeast Japan last March face many challenges.  One family of farmers needed help with their rice harvest.

A team of Volunteer Ministers pitched in to cut the rice and hang it on “rice walls” to dry.

Once dry, the plants will be threshed, which separates the grains of rice from their stalks.

After a day of hard work, the job was done, and the year’s rice harvest, which might otherwise have gone to waste, was salvaged.

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