Urgently Needed: Doctors and medical personnel going to Haiti

Straight news out of the Haitian Embassy in Washington, DC: They need doctors to volunteer to go to Haiti!

Photo Series: Orphans at the Port-au-Prince Airport, Haiti

These children lost their parents and are waiting at the airport for a new life in the United States and other countries. Many Americans want to help Haiti by adopting homeless and newly orphaned children.

Many organizations are working miracles to help Haitian orphans find a new home. Administrative scrambles prevent many of these homeless children to leave Haiti. The orphans in these photos are waiting for a ride on the Volunteer Ministers charter plane that is scheduled to deliver over 150 Scientology Volunteer Ministers and medical personnel to Haiti today and return with exhausted medical personnel and refugees.

Photo Log: During last night US Military evacuates more than 100 Haitians in C5 Galaxy Transport

The old woman in this photo was totally exhausted and passed out shortly after I shot it. The little boy was injured in the quake. During the flight, I acted as his guardian.

Photo credits: Scientology Volunteer Ministers/Photographer Brad Kugler

Follow VM Ellen on the ground in Haiti

Ellen (left) getting ready to leave for Haiti. Thursday, 21 January 2010, 10am.

Ellen is a bilingual Scientology Volunteer Minister who just arrived in Haiti late last night with the second of our charter planes that brought 168 medical professionals, logistics and tech professionals and Scientology Volunteer Ministers to Haiti.

She told us that she wants to document her trip and work in Haiti on a blog, straight from Haiti! In view of the regular telecommunications breakdowns that are still occuring in Haiti we are well aware of the challenges she will encounter to keep us all updated.

Second Scientology-Sponsored Charter Flight Takes Doctors, Ministers and Medical Supplies to Haiti

Medical supplies, nutrition and hygiene products are unloaded to go on the plane.

The Church of Scientology has organized a second charter flight to Haiti to take doctors, medical supplies and Volunteer Ministers to the stricken country.The 168-seat aircraft departs from Landmark Aviation Airport in Los Angeles Thursday morning, January 21, stops at Miami International Airport to pick up additional medical personal and Volunteer Minister teams, and continues to Port-au-Prince.

21 Jan 2010 - noon - US Navy doing food and water drops over Port-au-Prince

Navy soldiers preparing water distribution via Blackhawk helicopter water drops in remote areas of Port-au-Prince.

New on-the-ground report from photographer Brad, as of noon today.

"Crowds at the port, embassy, UN and airport are getting bigger and more rowdy each day as people become more desperate..."

Crowd gathering outside US Embassy. Crowds at the port, embassy, UN and airport are getting bigger and more rowdy each day as people become more desperate about the basic necessities. We are working tomorrow assisting getting 70 trucks of supplies moved into the city.

A short update from photographer Brad:

07:00 am:

Early wake up call at PAP airport by a 6.1 quake 35 miles away. Dead sleep to dead run in less than a second! What better way to get adrenaline flowing in a.m. than a 6.1.

12:00 pm (noon):

Adrenaline junkies, survivalists, mercenaries, basic do-gooders, journalists, medics all here with common help...pretty awesome ...

02:00 pm:

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