Summary: Two Weeks since the first Scientology Volunteer Ministers joined Haiti help efforts

Organization: Volunteer Ministers arrange transport of supplies and its distribution.

Scientology Volunteer Ministers are serving in Haiti and the Dominican Republic, providing skilled logistical support to aid the earthquake recovery. Supported by individuals and groups in the US, UK, Canada, Germany, France, Italy and elsewhere, Volunteer Ministers provide organizational support to medical teams, enabling the doctors and nurses to treat the injured. 

Dr. Phil - Interview with doctors at the University of Miami tent hospital in Haiti

Dr. Phil Show of 26 January 2010: Interview with doctors of the University of Miami hospital tent in Port au Prince, Haiti. The helpers working with the patients (in the yellow shirts) are Scientology Volunteer Ministers.

Video Summary: Two Weeks After the Earthquake Disaster in Haiti

To date, the Church of Scientology has sponsored charter flights that have brought more than 300 medical personnel and 100 Scientology Volunteer Ministers to help Haiti recover. We just received the first film tapes from one of the Volunteer Ministers who is following the groups' trips and actions with a camera. Below is a summary of the VM's actions in last two weeks since the earthquake.

Urgently Needed: Doctors and medical personnel going to Haiti

Straight news out of the Haitian Embassy in Washington, DC: They need doctors to volunteer to go to Haiti!

WOR News Talk Radio: Scientology Volunteer Minister John Carmichael about Haiti on Radio in New York City

Joey Reynolds show: Scientology Volunteer Minister John Carmichael about Haiti on Radio in New York City

Yesterday's Joey Reynolds show: Listen to Scientology Volunteer Minister John Carmichael about Haiti on radio in New York City

Scientology Flies Medical Team to Haiti: Fox New York TV Coverage

Fox TV coverage, January 16: Nearly 130 doctors, nurses, EMTs and ministers left from Kennedy Airport for Haiti.

They got the call last night and dropped everything to go. The Church of Scientology organized the charter flight.

Watch the video!

Scientology Volunteer Ministers in Washington, DC, active on Haiti disaster

WUSA9 TV reports that more than a dozens volunteers from the Church of Scientology provided help at the Haitian embassy in D.C. today.  Many Haitians lost family members in the 7.0 magnitude earthquake that struck on Tuesday. “We can see these people are in big trouble,” one Scientology Volunteer Minister says. “We are here to help.”

See the full TV clip on

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