We visited an amazing orphanage today and passed out food and toys to 40 children who are all crammed together on two floors since sleeping on the top floors is too risky. They welcomed us with traditional Nepalese scarves, and we delivered meal packs and high fives! We ended this trip with an all orphanage Nepalese sing along...it was a very special moment and the kids could not have been happier to see us.

We also met with the community leader of this village and had him pull the 40 poorest and most affected citizens so they could each be given a meal pack, a tarp for their family, and a bag of rice. Of course, more high fives and hugs were passed out as well.

After this, we visited 4 more villages an hour south of Kathmandu and it was more of the same story. Meet the community leader, identify the needs of the most desperate folk, and sort them out. We offered medical treatment, food, generators, tents, tarps, and toys.

We had a few hundred food packs left on the way home so we visited a makeshift tent city at night and surprised families in their tarp homes with a meal for each member of the family. The smiles were endless.

Scientology Volunteer ministers visited orphanages with gifts of food and toys. Useful as ground cloths and tents, tarps serve both as bed and roof for those who lost their homes in the Nepal earthquake of 25 April.
With their truck filled with food packages and tarps, Scientology Volunteer Ministers travel from village to village to help those most in need.
Volunteer Ministers making new friends at a Nepali orphanage.
Music, the universal language, "spoken" by the children at this orphanage and the Scientology Volunteer Ministers.
Here is one of the VMs with four beautiful young ladies.