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Photographer and Volunteer Ministers surveying the inner city of Port-au-Prince, Haiti

This was an orphanage. One of the worst tragedies of the already tragic event.

Photographer Brad is with the Scientology Volunteer Ministers on the ground taking a survey of the inner-city region of Port-au-Prince, Haiti, that was hit the hardest by the 7.0 earth quake exactly one week ago.

On the ground report: Midwife and Scientology Volunteer Minister from Boston

Telecommunicatons in Haiti are still not back up. But one of our Volunteer Ministers just came through with a message on what she has been doing in the hours since her plane landed in Port-au-Prince.

First flight of Scientology Volunteer Ministers landing in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, on 17 January 2010

17 January 2010, 5:34pm. First Volunteer Ministers arriving in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

Over 130 doctors and medical personnel and Scientology Volunteer Ministers landed in Haiti on 17 January 2010 to help the Haitian population after a severe earth quake on 12 January 2010 left their country in ruin. The flight was organized and funded by the Church of Scientology and also brought over 5 tons of medical supplies and very much needed water and food. This is amateur footage of one of people on the flight and shows part of the area around Port-au-Prince.

Puerto Rican Scientology Volunteer Ministers arrive safely in Haiti

The VM van is transporting a huge tent for use in Haiti and also brought medical supplies and over 2,000 bottles of water that were donated residents of Culebra and Vieques in Puerto Rico as well as members of the Church of Scientology and the Adventist Church of San Juan.

Photo series: Puerto Rican Scientology Volunteer Minister made it to Port-au-Prince tonight. The VMs  drove their van, with thousands of bottles of water and a huge VM tent, through the Domenican Republic this morning and trucked safely into Haiti.

News Channel 5 - Nashville Volunteer Ministers helping collect materials for Haiti

Scientology Volunteer Ministers work together with the Hispanic Community in Nashville and ‘Haiti Needs You’ to collect items such as clothing, diapers for children and even formula.

Many Haitians have lost everything in the disaster and so items such as these are very much needed on the ground.The Church of Scientology Celebrity Center is one of five drop-off sites for donations.


18 Jan 2010 - Volunteer Minister reports from Dominican Republic Hospital

A group of our Volunteer Ministers is active in a hospital at the Haitian border to the Dominican Republic.

A group of our Volunteer Ministers is active in a hospital at the Haitian border to the Dominican Republic. One volunteer just sent in this report about a young girl they helped at a the hospital:

"She is here with broken pelvis and two broken legs. This is her father beside her. Her mom died in her house in the quake. She is only 14.  Her sister is in another hospital in Port au Prince somewhere."

More doctors are needed in Haiti. You can help, contact vm@volunteerministers.org!


An up-to-date on the ground assessment was done in Haiti. Based on this the most important and urgent needs were isolated.

These are:


- Search and Rescue experience- Anybody with skills in setting up communication lines - Coordination skills - Crowd control skills


18 Jan 2010 - 3pm - Midwife and Scientology Volunteer Minister delivers baby

As during any rescue effort there are personal stories of blood and misery but sometimes there is good news.

We just received news from Port-au-Prince that Scientology Volunteer Minister, Karen, is teamed up with an obstetrician and "delivered a baby girl about an hour ago.  Mother named her 'my love'."

Please help to give "My Love" a future!


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