Chile: Scientology Volunteer Ministers administering aid to earthquake and tsunami victims

Areas affected by the February 27 earthquake.

In the early hours of the 27 February 2010 a 8.8 magnitude earthquake rocked Chile. The main shock created a tsunami that killed hundreds of people and affected more than 2 million in various cities and towns of this country. The city that was mainly affected was Concepción, the second largest city in the country which is about 280 miles from Santiago, the capital city of Chile. The Scientology Volunteer Ministers network mobilized Chilean Volunteer Ministers in Santiago and Rancagua, a city about 200 miles north-east of Concepción.

Scientology Volunteer Ministers Haiti: Over 284,000 people helped

Since the disaster hit Haiti on 12 January 2010 over 300 Scientology Volunteer Ministers from 22 countries got active and continue to help the Haitian population - every day.

    In the first week following the Haiti earthquake the Church of Scientology Volunteer Minister corps has mobilized and safely transported more than 350 rescue and medical professionals and Volunteer Ministers to Haiti. Donations for about 40 tons of food and medicine were raised and the supplies were brought into Haiti for distribution, in coordination with the United Nations. Within ten days over 100 Volunteer Ministers were working in Haiti.

Scientology Volunteer Ministers Nashville Flood Relief Efforts

The Church of Scientology has called on its nationwide network of Volunteer Ministers to assist Nashville in flood relief.

The Church of Scientology announced today that it has called on its nationwide network of Volunteer Ministers to assist Nashville in flood relief. "We have people around the country who are trained and experienced in disaster response," says Julie Forney, who is coordinating the Church’s volunteers, "and the help is definitely needed here.”

Kenya Scout leaders use Scientology Volunteer Ministers methods to help in the wake of Uganda mudslides

Kenya Scouts who trained as Scientology Volunteer Ministers helped in the search and rescue action following mudslides in the Bududa District of Uganda.

A team of Kenya Scouts who are also Scientology Volunteer Ministers traveled to Uganda last month when massive mudslides killed 94 and displaced 30,000 from their homes.   Led by Elly Rajab, 22, the Scouts joined Uganda Army rescue workers in their search for 500 people missing in the flood-affected area.

Impressions: Unloading the Scientology Volunteer Ministers Ship

The Volunteer Ministers began unloading the ship April 30 at 11 am and carried on till noon the following day.

The "Lifeboat for Haiti" arrived in Port-au-Prince in April 2010, loaded with tons of supplies--everything from MREs (meals ready to eat) to crutches, medicine, cooking-stoves and an ambulance.  All the supplies were donated by charities and everything is being distributed to charities in Haiti including schools, orphanages, hospitals and clinics. The Scientology Volunteer Ministers in the USA and Haiti who had organized the ship and more than 100 tons of donations welcomed the ship at a private dock in Haiti.

Church of Scientology Holds National Volunteer Week Recognition Luncheon at Historic Fort Harrison Hotel

Accepting awards and $1000 pledge at a National Volunteer Week luncheon at the Fort Harrison, presented by Church of Scientology Public Affairs Director Pat Harney (center) are (left to right) Annie Tyrell, Executive Director of the Willa Carson Health Resource Center; Ernestine Carson Heastie, daughter of Willa Carson and board member of the organization; Harney; Muhammad Abdur Rahim, Carson Center board member; and Judy Fagerman, head of Scientology Volunteer Ministers of Tampa Bay.

Willene Hayward accepted the award on behalf of Feeding America Tampa Bay, formerly known as America’s Second Harvest.  Hayward is volunteer coordinator of the food bank that serves 35,000 Tampa Bay residents.

Raw Footage: Arrival of the Scientology Volunteer Minister Ship in Haiti

Since 12 January 2010 the Scientology Volunteer Ministers have helped over 250,000 people in Haiti in 73 locations, personally, with supplies or training.

Church of Scientology International Honors Haiti Volunteers

“This award is their award,” Reyher said, announcing that her office is presenting all 1,000 volunteers with copies of the Letter of Commendation.

Marking National Volunteer Week, Scientology Church praises 1,000 volunteers for more than 150,000 hours in Haiti relief effort

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