Actress and Scientology Volunteer Minister decides to dedicate her service to the Las Vegas Community

Cassandra Hepburn

(Press release) Las Vegas - Cassandra Hepburn, 33, who recently returned from 12 days on the Scientology Disaster Relief Response Team in Haiti, has joined staff at the new Church of Scientology and Celebrity Centre in Las Vegas.  The actress, who appeared in the Quentin Tarantino film "Hellride" and the daytime dramas "The Young and the Restless" and "As the World Turns," is eager to assume her new position at the Church to serve the Las Vegas community.

Scientology VM Base is building up

As there is no functioning system of water pipes, water supplies have to be mounted on the roof of the house.

The creation of a new organizational central of the Scientology Volunteer Ministers is in the making and planned to finish within the next couple of days.

"Fifty percent of what I did in Haiti, I had never done before"

The Washington Jewish Week came out with an interesting article about  volunteer firefighter and wilderness emergency responder Ari Katz who managed to hitch a hike to Haiti with John Travolta and the Scientology Volunteer Ministers:

Scientology Volunteer Ministers in Haiti - What Medical Professionals Have to Say

Since 17 January 2010 Scientology Volunteer Ministers are helping the Haitian population in every way needed.

Volunteer Firefighter and EMT Brought His Skill and Compassion to Haiti

Myron Kalfoglou Firefighter/EMT from the Kensington Volunteer Fire Department, on the ground in Haiti

Myron Kalfoglou, Firefighter and EMT with the Kensington Volunteer Fire Department of Montgomery County, Maryland, is not the kind of man to stand by when people need help.  Seeing the devastation caused by the January 12 Haiti earthquake, he contacted the Haitian Embassy in Washington DC, booked a seat on a charter flight sponsored by the Church of Scientology, and on Sunday, February 14, he left for Haiti.

Haiti Relief blog: personal accounts of Scientology Volunteers that were in Haiti

Scientology Volunteer Ministers in action

Scientology Volunteer Ministers come from all walks of life but what unifies them is their purpose to help. Fascinating personal accounts of Haiti Volunteers can be found in many places but we'd like to recommend a few.

Scientology VM Event 27 February 2010 - Scientology Volunteer Minister Ayal Lindeman

Scientology VM Ayal is talking about his experiences in Haiti, what a VM is about and why we are doing what we are doing. The event was held at Celebrity Centre International in Los Angeles and climaxed in the appearance of Senator Donzella James (GA) who presented a Georgia State resolution commending the work of the Scientology Volunteer Ministers.

Part 1:

The Universal Language of Help - Rebuilding Haiti, Getting Ready to Help Peru and Chile

Help has no language barriers: Russian Volunteer Minister gets help by Haitian kids.

Six weeks after the devastating earthquake in Haiti and with new disasters in Chile and Japan, the need of efficient organization is more vital than ever. At this moment new teams are building up to deploy to earthquake shaken areas in and around Chile. They will organize support and help for the victims of the February 27 Chilean earthquake that displaced more than 2 million people.

Scientology Volunteer Ministers from Mexico, Russia and several Asian countries have taken over now from the first-responders who have been on the ground in Haiti since 17 January 2010.

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