Haiti: First Port-au-Prince School Re-Opens and Back in Service Thanks to the Work of the Scientology Volunteer Ministers

The schoolyard of the FMA (Filles de Marie-Auxiliatrice - Les Sœurs Salésiennes de Don Bosco) School in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

In the past weeks the Mexican Scientology Volunteer Minister team in Haiti has given seminars to more than 5,000 persons and trained more than 1,000 in Assist technology. They also organized and distributed food and water to more than 10,000 persons. One of their special projects was to help re-open a big Christian school.

Scientology Volunteer Minister Joava Good: “Haiti made the Indonesia tsunami, Katrina and 9/11 look small by comparison.”

Joava found a company to fly first responders to Haiti at cost—a private aviation company provided the planes and the Church of Scientology paid for the fuel and expenses of disaster response personnel going on those flights.

Sandy, Utah—Sandy resident, Joava Good says “Haiti made the Indonesia tsunami, Katrina and 9/11 look small by comparison.” In a presentation to the Sandy City Citizen Corps Council Thursday, March 11, entitled Church of Scientology Disaster Relief, she will share eight lessons learned in Haiti that can make all the difference in any future disaster.  Good, a member of the Draper City Emergency and Advisory committee for the past four years calls Haiti “a real eye-opener” and “the worst catastrophe we’ve ever worked on.”

Australian Scientologist in Haiti for the Long Haul

Scientology Volunteer Minister, Peter Dunn, from Adelaide, Australia, with a woman who is much happier after he helped her with a Scientology assist.

Scientologist Peter Dunn, from Adelaide, Australia, flew to Haiti in the first days after the earthquake.  He is there for the long run.  A highly trained Scientologist who has worked as a staff member of the Church of Scientology for 30 years, Dunn’s first task once there was to help in the hospitals providing any needed support for the doctors.  With the most immediate medical situations now under control, he is providing one-on-one help using Volunteer Ministers techniques that address trauma, stress and loss.  He is also training others.

Scientology Commended by Haitian Ambassador to the United States

In a letter presented to the President of the Founding Church of Scientology of Washington, DC, on March 2, Haitian Ambassador Raymond A. Joseph expressed “deep appreciation” for the work of the Volunteer Ministers of the Churches of Scientology Disaster Response.

Actress and Scientology Volunteer Minister decides to dedicate her service to the Las Vegas Community

Cassandra Hepburn

(Press release) Las Vegas - Cassandra Hepburn, 33, who recently returned from 12 days on the Scientology Disaster Relief Response Team in Haiti, has joined staff at the new Church of Scientology and Celebrity Centre in Las Vegas.  The actress, who appeared in the Quentin Tarantino film "Hellride" and the daytime dramas "The Young and the Restless" and "As the World Turns," is eager to assume her new position at the Church to serve the Las Vegas community.

Scientology VM Base is building up

As there is no functioning system of water pipes, water supplies have to be mounted on the roof of the house.

The creation of a new organizational central of the Scientology Volunteer Ministers is in the making and planned to finish within the next couple of days.

"Fifty percent of what I did in Haiti, I had never done before"

The Washington Jewish Week came out with an interesting article about  volunteer firefighter and wilderness emergency responder Ari Katz who managed to hitch a hike to Haiti with John Travolta and the Scientology Volunteer Ministers:

Scientology Volunteer Ministers in Haiti - What Medical Professionals Have to Say

Since 17 January 2010 Scientology Volunteer Ministers are helping the Haitian population in every way needed.

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