Volunteer Firefighter and EMT Brought His Skill and Compassion to Haiti

Myron Kalfoglou Firefighter/EMT from the Kensington Volunteer Fire Department, on the ground in Haiti

Myron Kalfoglou, Firefighter and EMT with the Kensington Volunteer Fire Department of Montgomery County, Maryland, is not the kind of man to stand by when people need help.  Seeing the devastation caused by the January 12 Haiti earthquake, he contacted the Haitian Embassy in Washington DC, booked a seat on a charter flight sponsored by the Church of Scientology, and on Sunday, February 14, he left for Haiti.

Haiti Relief blog: personal accounts of Scientology Volunteers that were in Haiti

Scientology Volunteer Ministers in action

Scientology Volunteer Ministers come from all walks of life but what unifies them is their purpose to help. Fascinating personal accounts of Haiti Volunteers can be found in many places but we'd like to recommend a few.

Scientology VM Event 27 February 2010 - Scientology Volunteer Minister Ayal Lindeman

Scientology VM Ayal is talking about his experiences in Haiti, what a VM is about and why we are doing what we are doing. The event was held at Celebrity Centre International in Los Angeles and climaxed in the appearance of Senator Donzella James (GA) who presented a Georgia State resolution commending the work of the Scientology Volunteer Ministers.

Part 1:

The Universal Language of Help - Rebuilding Haiti, Getting Ready to Help Peru and Chile

Help has no language barriers: Russian Volunteer Minister gets help by Haitian kids.

Six weeks after the devastating earthquake in Haiti and with new disasters in Chile and Japan, the need of efficient organization is more vital than ever. At this moment new teams are building up to deploy to earthquake shaken areas in and around Chile. They will organize support and help for the victims of the February 27 Chilean earthquake that displaced more than 2 million people.

Scientology Volunteer Ministers from Mexico, Russia and several Asian countries have taken over now from the first-responders who have been on the ground in Haiti since 17 January 2010.

Haiti First Responders Acknowledged by Georgia Senator Donzella James

The Honorable Donzella James, GA, presenting Georgia State Resolution SR998 to the Scientology Volunteer Ministers

Georgia Senate Resolution Acknowledges Scientology Haiti Disaster Responders--Next Relief Phase Launched at Los Angeles Event

The Honorable Donzella James, Georgia State Senator, presented representatives of the Scientology Haiti Disaster Response Team with Georgia State Resolution SR998 this afternoon, acknowledging the Scientology Volunteer Ministers Corps, at an event hosted by the Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre International in Los Angeles.

Nevada Volunteer Minister Planning to Return to Haiti

Donna washed the VM t-shirts and doctors' and nurses' scrubs. They had no time to wash their own.

Donna Cooper’s story of wanting to join the Scientology Volunteer Ministers Haiti relief effort appeared in her hometown paper, the Pahrump Valley Times , in January. Donna has returned from Haiti but is planning to go back in April with her 17-year-old daughter.Donna, mother of 8 and soon to be great grandmother, retires in 16 days.  She is a veteran of the Scientology Disaster Response in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

Health Management Ventures: Our Trip to Haiti

With other medical professionals at the hospital.

January 21, 2010

We arrived at Miami International Airport at 7:30 pm. While waiting to check-in, we met several volunteer ministers who had just flown in from other parts of the US. Channel 41 TV Univision, interviewed some of the ministers. There was much comradery as the groups socialized and got to know each other. Once everyone checked in, the small groups that eventually became one large group, went through security and to the boarding area. Everyone got served pizza and soda. Different groups gathered to take photos.

From Adams to Haiti

Building contractor Rich Girard holds a set of soccer balls that he's bringing with him to Haiti

By Ryan Hutton Posted: 02/20/2010 12:50:09 AM EST Reprinted by permission of the North Adams Transcript,

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