Haiti Earthquake

Political Insider reports: "Senators praise Scientology volunteers"

Political Insider - Your morning jolt: Senators praise Scientology volunteers9:58 am February 17, 2010, by Jim GallowayJim Galloway reports: This may come as a surprise to some, but your Republican-controlled state Senate – usually known for catering to the concerns of conservative Christians – last week issued a sincere commendation to the Scientology Volunteer Ministers Corps.

Media Reports: Group Of Doctors, Ministers Takeoff From Miami To Help Haiti

14,000 lbs of cargo were sent to Haiti on the 14 February 2010, including about 6,000 lbs medical supplies and 9,000 lbs food, construction materials, sleeping bags and tents.

A group of volunteers left for Haiti Sunday to help those devastated by the earthquake. "After everybody forgets about helping, we're still gonna be there and they're still gonna need us," said Austin Eastlee, a volunteer Scientology minister who was one of nearly 90 volunteers about to board a Haiti bound flight. On board the flight sponsored by the Church of Scientology, there were doctors, nurses and ministers from all faiths.

Scientologists, En Route to Haiti, provide medical supplies

Scientology Volunteer Ministers charter today - Supplies stacked up at Miami airport, ready to go on the plane to Port-au-Prince

A Long Island Scientologist couple, Christina and Richard, is sending a special gift to the people of Haiti-crutches.  They are flying from Miami on the Scientology-sponsored chartered flight Sunday February 14 and will join the Scientology Disaster Response Team that has been in Haiti since January 17, just five days after the quake.  Before leaving their home in Bay Shore, New York, the couple organized a community drive for crutches and other vital supplies for Haiti.  A physical therapist, Christina will be working with earthquake victims, helping them learn to cope with

One Month After Haiti Disaster- New Scientology-Sponsored Flight From Miami

Charter of 21 January 2010 arriving in Haiti on 22 January 2010

With need for Medical care greater than ever in Haiti, Church of Scientology makes it possible for more doctors and nurses to go to Port-au-Prince 

"I wouldn’t trade this experience for the world."

The team of Volunteer Ministers visiting a tent city.

"As soon as I heard the Scientology VMs were on there way to Haiti I knew that going would be the best decision I ever made. I have been in Haiti for 2 weeks now.  "A U.S. soldier approached me yesterday as I was driving the big yellow Scientology Volunteer Minister van and said “ Hey I got a guy who needs help for his village, I don’t know, but since its help I thought about you guys.”  A few days ago sergeant named CJ said “it’s good to see you guys because you care.”

Scientology Volunteer Ministers Helping the Helpers - What Others Have to Say

The Scientology Volunteer Ministers camp next to Port-au-Prince airport.

No Prejudice"I have never been with an organization so willing to lend a helping hand without prejudice!  I commend the Church of Scientology for its much needed assistance in Haiti.  There is no other group that I have ever met that has shown the least bit of prejudice as Scientology!  I thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this team and this effort."  - K.W. RN, MPAUnbureaucratic Help

Scientology Volunteer Ministers Commended by Georgia Senate

Today the Scientology Volunteer Ministers Corps was recognized by the Georgia Senate for their Haiti disaster response actions! Georgia Senate Resolution 998, passed on February 8, 2010, states:

"It was disaster beyond belief. " - a doctor reports from Haiti

"The Haitians are fabulous and resilient people and they will overcome this."

Upon arriving in Haiti two weeks ago I had no idea what to expect. It was disaster beyond belief. Being a medical professional I was assigned to General Hospital on the night shift and assumed there would be support. However the hospital personnel had been traumatized and would not show up inside the building, so my partner, an extremely competent EMT and Nurse, and I tackled the Critical Care Unit with no supplies, very unsanitary conditions, too many patients and very little time. I hate night shift since I left the military, however, the need took precedence.

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