Haiti Earthquake

Scientology Sponsors “Lifeboat to Haiti” Bringing Supplies and Help for the Next Phase of Disaster Relief

The former US Coast Guard Ship "Hornbeam" will bring about 170 tons of supplies and equipment to Haiti this week.

Scientology-Sponsored Ship Leaves for Haiti with 175 Tons of Supplies, Including Wood-Burning Stoves from Charity of Wife of Haitian Ambassador to the U.S., an Ambulance, School Bus and 20,000+ Meals Ready to EatTwo months after the earthquake in Haiti, with the UN and Haitian government predicting reconstruction will cost $11.5 billion and the rainy season fast approaching, hundreds of thousands of people remain homeless, living in IDP (Internally Displaced Persons) camps with no protection from the elements.

Scientology Volunteer Ministers in the new Haiti Podcast of Kerri Kasem

Hosts and guests of the Kerri Kasem Show #102

Kerri Kasem Show #102 - interviews with several Scientology Volunteer Ministers who have returned from Haiti: Josh (who was working in the Miami Hospital Tent Operating room), Cassandra Hepburn (working in refugee camps and orphanages), Felix Kunze (documenting the scene in Haiti) and others. Kerri has been in Haiti herself and adds her personal observations to the mix.

Listen to it here!

Part 1:

Veteran Scientology Volunteer Ministers Returning to Haiti

EMT, nurse and Scientology Volunteer Minister: Ayal Lindeman is returning to Haiti this weekend to help coordinate Scientology Volunteer Minister activities with other relief groups.

Scientology-Sponsored Relief Team from Italy Leaves for Haiti

The team of eight Italian disaster specialists sponsored leaving Milan, Italy, this morning.

Milan, Italy - A team of eight Italian disaster specialists sponsored by the International Association of Scientologists arrived in La Romana, Dominican Republic, today, and is moving on to Haiti. Coming from Malpensa Airport in Milan, they took with them 2.7 tons of supplies, including more than 1,300 pounds of medical equipment and tents, 815 pounds of food, and 250 pounds of medicine. 

Three Boston-based Scientology Volunteer Ministers on Tele Soleil - 13 March 2010

Excerpts of a one-hour-long talk show with three Boston-based Scientology Volunteer Ministers talking about their experiences in Haiti!

Church of Scientology sponsors Italian Disaster Specialist Team for Haiti

A team of Italian disaster specialists, sponsored by the Volunteer Ministers of the Church of Scientology of Milan, are wrapping up last-minute preparations to travel to Haiti to join the relief effort.  Led by veteran disaster specialist, Mr.

Michigan Scientology Volunteer Minister opts to help in Haiti instead of vacation

Echo Brabenec, 18, a Leelanau County native has traveled to Haiti to help with the country’s recovery from a devastating earthquake on Jan. 12. She is shown comforting a young Haitian friend during the trip. Photo by Peter Dunn

”I was on vacation, and thought to myself, ‘Doing this is so worthless when so many need help,’” said 18-year-old Echo Brabenec, of Suttons Bay. “I felt like I could do better by doing something to help the people in Haiti.”

The mostly home-schooled teen (she studied at Suttons Bay High School for a year, and graduated a year early from Traverse City West), went to Port-au-Prince, Haiti as one of the volunteer ministers of the Church of Scientology on Feb. 14, and will be there until mid-April.

Scientology Volunteer Minister Joava Good: “Haiti made the Indonesia tsunami, Katrina and 9/11 look small by comparison.”

Joava found a company to fly first responders to Haiti at cost—a private aviation company provided the planes and the Church of Scientology paid for the fuel and expenses of disaster response personnel going on those flights.

Sandy, Utah—Sandy resident, Joava Good says “Haiti made the Indonesia tsunami, Katrina and 9/11 look small by comparison.” In a presentation to the Sandy City Citizen Corps Council Thursday, March 11, entitled Church of Scientology Disaster Relief, she will share eight lessons learned in Haiti that can make all the difference in any future disaster.  Good, a member of the Draper City Emergency and Advisory committee for the past four years calls Haiti “a real eye-opener” and “the worst catastrophe we’ve ever worked on.”

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