Volunteer Ministers Mexican Disaster Response

Volunteer Ministers disaster response in Guerrero, Mexico after hurricane Raymond swept through areas already flooded by last month’s storms.

The third major storm to hit Mexico this hurricane season has left an already weakened infrastructure reeling. Hurricane Raymond careened toward Mexico’s Pacific coast threatening new flooding in Acapulco, still recovering from September’s heavy rains.

Sydney Volunteer Ministers respond to New South Wales Bush Fires

Scientology Volunteer Ministers went door-to-door in fire-devastated areas after the October 2013 bushfires, making sure those affected have access to the help they need.

A team of Scientology Volunteer Ministers have been assisting firefighters and emergency response personnel who are contending with the worst bushfires to affect New South Wales, Australia, in the past half century.The bushfires began October 13. By the 18th, 100 fires were raging.  Two days later, New South Wales Premier Barry O’Farrell declared a state of emergency.  Nearly 250 houses and other structures have been destroyed.

Scientology Volunteer Ministers Respond to Guerrero State Disaster

The head of Latin American Volunteer Ministers (standing left) and the director of Los Topos (seated left) planned and coordinated response to Tropical Storms Ingrid and Manuel at the National Scientology Organization of Mexico in Mexico City.

Mexico’s Tropical Storms Ingrid and Manuel have wreaked havoc, with the death toll now 123 and an estimated 59,000 evacuated. The first of the two nearly simultaneous storms made landfall on September 16, affecting two thirds of the country in the worst storm to hit Mexico in decades.  

Something can be done: Scientology Volunteer Ministers Disaster Response Corp helping Little Axe victims

by Rev. Linda Smith Churches of Scientology Disaster Response

Published July 4, 2013 in The Phoenix

Oklahoma Volunteer Ministers - No Job too Big or Small

The Volunteer Ministers are reaching out and helping anyone in the area that needs help from pitching tents to cleaning out debris from people's yards. There is no task too big or small for the Volunteers to take on to help those in needed. Oklahoma is still very much in need of our help.

Nearly six weeks after a twister hit this part of the state, the destruction is still visible. The Scientology Volunteer Ministers have been featured on Oklahoma's News 9 for the work that they are doing to help the community even down to those "forgotten" people that were not helped by the traditional relief organizations. 

Oklahoma Volunteer Ministers Help Clear the Debris

The Volunteer Ministers have been helping local residents to clean up after the storms and to remove debris from the wheat fields which are a major part of the local economy. Their work so far has saved close to half a million Dollars in potential lost income.

Volunteer Minister Activation Call: Major Floods in Calgary, Canada

Large areas of downtown Calgary have been evacuated due to flooding. This has displaced over 75,000 people.

On 21 June the City of Calgary declared a state of local emergency due to major floods.  Two dozen neighborhoods have been evacuated and most of the estimated 75,000 people have been displaced.  The impact was felt as far afeld as British Columbia, where roads in the mountains are being closed, and Saskatchewan.  

Tampa Volunteer Ministers Answer the Oklahoma Call

The Tampa Volunteer ministers from the Clearwater Academy have answered the call and are now helping at the Shawnee Relief Center just outside Norman Oklahoma. 

This Center is adjacent to one of the worst hit areas.  The team has been organizing up the donations from the local area as well as assisting clear away debris from the storms.


Contact Nancy Levin at the International Volunteer Ministers Office at: 1-800-435-7498 (USA & CANADA) or +1 323-960-1949

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