Village children return to school, thanks to the Scientology Nepal Disaster Response Team

School principal thanks the Scientology Volunteer Ministers team on behalf of the village.

RATOMATE, Nepal ● The village of Ratomate has not returned to normal—and  indeed the concept of “normal” may be forever changed by the devastating Nepal earthquake on April 25 that destroyed homes, infrastructure and the village school here, some 70 km southeast of Kathmandu.

But with the help of a team of Scientology Volunteer Ministers, the children are back in school today and life in the village is moving forward — the feeling of overwhelming destruction replaced by the camaraderie of working together to build for the future.

"Saving Lives Is Our Greatest Gift” Believes Colombian EMT in Nepal with Scientology Disaster Response Team

CINAT, Colombia’s National Circle of Aid Technicians, works in partnership with the Scientology Volunteer Ministers.

A team of EMTs from Colombia’s famed National Circle of Aid Technicians (known as CINAT), in partnership with the Scientology Volunteer Ministers, spent the last month far from home—in Nepal among villagers whose very future depended upon their work.

One of CINAT members, in Nepal on his birthday, described the best gift he has can ever member receiving, presented to him that day—a baby, who would not have made it without their help, survived.

Scientology Volunteer Ministers Latin American Goodwill Tours Tackle Urgent Issues in Guatemala

At the Volunteer Ministers Goodwill Tour grand opening on May 3, a Mayan spiritual leader performed a ceremony welcoming the volunteers to the country.

The Scientology Latin American Volunteer Ministers Goodwill Tour launched with an opening ceremony in Guatemala City at the Palace of the Ministry of Interior before some 1,600 attendees. The ceremony included a blessing by a Mayan spiritual leader, traditional dance and song. And with the tent officially opened, the Volunteer Ministers set to work, providing help to anyone in need.

Scientology Volunteer Ministers Bring Help to Indigenous Peoples of South America’s Amazon Region

The Scientology Volunteers Ministers Amazon Goodwill Tour riverboat carried tour members down the river from Leticia, Colombia, this month across the border of Brazil to the town of Iranduba, the new base of operations of the tour.

The Scientology Volunteer Ministers Goodwill Tour bid farewell to their friends in Leticia, Colombia, and crossed over into Brazil in May to continue bringing help to the indigenous people who live along the Amazon. While in Leticia – which has been a stop on the tour since 2007 – the members lent valued assistance to more than a thousand people, trained in excess of 700, and formed four Volunteer Ministers groups to continue helping others in the region when the tour moved on.

Human Rights Heroes Honored in Eighth Annual Tribute

Courage and selfless commitment characterize the two humanitarians honored at a tribute organized by the Association for Human Rights and Tolerance of Italy and the Human Rights Office of the Church of Scientology of Milan. 

Precious Religious Artifacts Salvaged by Scientology Volunteer Minister Team Amid Recovery Effort in Nepal

Temple custodian recovers priceless statue and vase, thanks to the work of the Scientology Disaster Response Team while on disaster relief mission in Kathmandu, Nepal.

The temple was part of the religious heritage of the people of Kathmandu – a destination for pilgrims, a holy place whose artifacts are an integral part of the city’s religious ceremonies. But the historic structure was destroyed by the earthquakes and aftershocks that rocked Nepal in April and May.

Volunteer Ministers Ensure Medical Help Reaches All In Need During Nepal Disaster Emergency

Most of the 35,000 residents of the Kathmandu suburb lost their hillside homes, which collapsed or were damaged beyond repair by the earthquakes and aftershocks that have besieged the region. Among the hundreds of volunteers on the Scientology Disaster Response Team in Nepal are a team of doctors, a nurse and paramedics who have had their skills put to the test in many disasters. They are doctors, nurses and paramedics who travel to disaster sites to give aid to those in need. 

Digging Deep to Save Lives

Los Topos—“The Moles,” the renowned Mexico search and rescue specialists, featured in Freedom Magazine.

Freedom Magazine, the voice of the Church of Scientology, featured a renowned Mexican search and rescue team of humanitarians who are known internationally for their courage—Los Topos, “The Moles. 

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