Looking Back on the Past Ten Years of the Volunteer Ministers Movement—2010

January 2010 - Port-au-Prince, Haiti: Volunteer Ministers unload medical supplies and food from Scientology-sponsored flights.

The Scientology Volunteer Ministers who served at Ground Zero in the months following 9/11 set a standard for disaster response and inspired a movement that carried forward for the past decade. In 2010,  hundreds of thousands trained in the skills of the Scientology Volunteer Minister reached out and helped others in times of disaster.

Chile: Scientology Volunteer Ministers administering aid to earthquake and tsunami victims

Areas affected by the February 27 earthquake.

In the early hours of the 27 February 2010 a 8.8 magnitude earthquake rocked Chile. The main shock created a tsunami that killed hundreds of people and affected more than 2 million in various cities and towns of this country. The city that was mainly affected was Concepción, the second largest city in the country which is about 280 miles from Santiago, the capital city of Chile. The Scientology Volunteer Ministers network mobilized Chilean Volunteer Ministers in Santiago and Rancagua, a city about 200 miles north-east of Concepción.

The Universal Language of Help - Rebuilding Haiti, Getting Ready to Help Peru and Chile

Help has no language barriers: Russian Volunteer Minister gets help by Haitian kids.

Six weeks after the devastating earthquake in Haiti and with new disasters in Chile and Japan, the need of efficient organization is more vital than ever. At this moment new teams are building up to deploy to earthquake shaken areas in and around Chile. They will organize support and help for the victims of the February 27 Chilean earthquake that displaced more than 2 million people.

Scientology Volunteer Ministers from Mexico, Russia and several Asian countries have taken over now from the first-responders who have been on the ground in Haiti since 17 January 2010.

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