Scientology Volunteer Minister Helps Haitian Young Man Get Prosthetic Leg in New Haven

EMT and LPN, Ayal Lindeman, keeps his word to 22-year-old Haitian engineering student Ralph-Mary Gedeon (Photo credit: Randi Sidman Moore).

NEW HAVEN (February 18, 2010)-Medical professional and Scientology Volunteer Minister Ayal Lindeman, who was working on the earthquake getting volunteers to go and handling logistics shortly after the earthquake after the January 12 earthquake and then went to Haiti on the 21st of January, is keeping his promise today to a Haitian man whose leg was amputated to save his life.

"After everybody forgets about helping, we're still going to be there and they're still going to need us."

A month after the earthquake, a Pasadena City College student and Scientology Volunteer Minister wants to make sure we do not forget Haiti.

On Sunday, February 14, CBS 4 in Miami interviewed Austin Eastlee on his way to Haiti as part of the Scientology Disaster Response Team.  The 20-year-old Pasadena City College graphic design student from Glendale, California, said he sees this as a critical point in the Haiti relief effort and this is the reason he is volunteering now.  It is the one-month anniversary of the earthquake and many aid workers and medical professionals have had to return ho

Political Insider reports: "Senators praise Scientology volunteers"

Political Insider - Your morning jolt: Senators praise Scientology volunteers9:58 am February 17, 2010, by Jim GallowayJim Galloway reports: This may come as a surprise to some, but your Republican-controlled state Senate – usually known for catering to the concerns of conservative Christians – last week issued a sincere commendation to the Scientology Volunteer Ministers Corps.

Media Reports: Group Of Doctors, Ministers Takeoff From Miami To Help Haiti

14,000 lbs of cargo were sent to Haiti on the 14 February 2010, including about 6,000 lbs medical supplies and 9,000 lbs food, construction materials, sleeping bags and tents.

A group of volunteers left for Haiti Sunday to help those devastated by the earthquake. "After everybody forgets about helping, we're still gonna be there and they're still gonna need us," said Austin Eastlee, a volunteer Scientology minister who was one of nearly 90 volunteers about to board a Haiti bound flight. On board the flight sponsored by the Church of Scientology, there were doctors, nurses and ministers from all faiths.

One Month After Haiti Disaster- New Scientology-Sponsored Flight From Miami

Charter of 21 January 2010 arriving in Haiti on 22 January 2010

With need for Medical care greater than ever in Haiti, Church of Scientology makes it possible for more doctors and nurses to go to Port-au-Prince 

NBC Today Show: Scientology Volunteer Ministers make a difference in Haiti

3 February 2010: NBC followed and interviewed our Scientology Volunteer Ministers Nicole and Josh in Haiti.

NBC Report: Virginia Man Returns from Haiti

NBC News in Washington just posted a story of a local Virginia lawyer who went to Haiti to help, and was flown back by Scientologist John Travolta on his personal aircraft.  Our volunteers working with the Greater Washington Haiti Relief Committee an

Scientology Volunteer Minister tells of Haiti Disaster Response

Photo: Karen Farrell (c)2010

Karen Farrell is a midwife and a Scientology Volunteer Minister who lives in New England. When she heard about the Haiti earthquake on January 12, her first thought was that she needed to help. Four days later she was in Port-au-Prince with the medical and disaster relief team of doctors and nurses from the Association of Haitian Physicians Abroad, paramedics and Volunteer Ministers who boarded a flight in New York on January 16, chartered by the Church of Scientology to take medical personnel and supplies to Haiti.

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