New Zealand

TV: "Trauma specialists provide stress relief in Christchurch"

Gary Bromwell, Scientology Volunteer Minister

3 News TV reports:

(Christchurch, New Zealand) Along with medical staff and psychologists on the ground in Christchurch, trauma specialists have also arrived to provide stress relief.

Gary Bromwell of the Scientology International Disaster Relief Group is a trauma stress specialist who says he helps victims “come out of the trauma and back into the present so they can rebuild their lives and move on”.

Scientology Volunteer Ministers Respond to New Zealand Earthquake

Following the 7.1 earthquake, mounds of toxic silt contaminated the streets of Christchurch.

The 7.1 earthquake shook Christchurch hours before dawn in New Zealand’s second largest city. Thousands of homes experienced power, water and sewage shutoffs, and many of the city’s buildings were reduced to rubble, including those in downtown and suburban areas. 

The Scientology Volunteer Ministers immediately arrived on the scene to help in whatever capacity was needed. 

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