News article: Scientology unit for floods

Lending a hand to clean-up flood devastated Queensland are (from, left) Svetlana Zaharova, Rolands Bricis, Queensland Premier Anna Bligh, Jason Best, Peter Dunn, Julie Attwood and Jessica Plattner.

THE Scientology Disaster Response Unit has been activated to the Lockyer Valley.

The national organisation has a database of volunteers ready, willing and able to be deployed to places in Australia, New Zealand and in the Pacific during times of crisis.

Scientology Volunteer Ministers Rally to Help Victims of Flooding in Queensland

(Brisbane, Australia) Volunteer Ministers (VMs) from Australia and the United States are coming together in Brisbane to aid the victims of flooding in the north eastern part of the country.   

In late December 2010 and early January 2011, three quarters of the state of Queensland was inundated by rainfall so heavy it occurs only once in every 100 years. The resultant floods have caused an estimated 1 billion Australian dollars in damage.

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