Profile: David Scattergood, All the Good We Can Do

Scientologist David Scattergood (center) coordinates activities of several Seattle area Scientology Volunteer Ministers

Scientologist David Scattergood is a fixture in the volunteer community in Seattle, Washington. Here is his story.

Helping Food Lifeline’s Mission to Eradicate Hunger in Western Washington

Seattle area VMs join volunteers from several local businesses and charitable organizations to pack food boxes destined for the hungry.

Working to help eradicate hunger in their area, several Seattle area Volunteer Ministers (VMs) regularly assist at the city’s Food Lifeline Center, a non-profit organization feeding those in need throughout western Washington.

The purpose of the Scientology Volunteer Ministers is to simply help their fellow Man whenever and wherever disaster large or small may strike. So when VMs in the Seattle area heard about the purpose and needs of Food Lifeline they wanted to help.

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