We are staying in the heart of Kathmandu assisting the local Volunteer Ministers in several disaster zones. We are working alongside local law enforcement agencies in cleanup, food distribution, aerial footage, and disaster assessment.

 In the city, spirits are high. There is plenty of food, water, and life is going on as normal. Only when you talk to the people do you learn what they're feeling. We have people running up to us telling us their stories. One woman was laughing her head off at the fact that her house crumbled and she had to carry her children out of the house naked to save their lives. When asked why she was laughing about it, she said, what else am I suppose to do? “I have nothing. I can do nothing.”

We'll be getting into the thick of things today. UN meeting this morning to coordinate the teams from all over the world. We have joined up with Firefighters Without Borders from Spain and a K-9 team from Canada and we are going to a village 4 hours out of Kathmandu that has not had relief yet. In addition to the search and rescue, we are bringing food and clean drinking water.

S.B., Volunteer Minister from California