The following is a report from one of the Volunteer Ministers in Nepal:

“Another late night here. Today was the toughest day so far as the final official day of the search and rescue mission came to a close.

“We continued on to where the landslides did their worst damage in our region. This cannot be put into words. As we went, we passed out hundreds of meal packs to the mountain villagers and their families. The army finally got to their location today and was slowly clearing the road. They are delivering food and water, but just enough to get by. There are still villages ahead that have not been excavated, but every day they make progress. We worked with the dog rescue team to search for more bodies in the landslides and while the dogs got a scent, we were not able to find anyone else. We are told there are still half a dozen people buried at this one site.

"Apparently, our second team which consists of the Topos crew and a group of Volunteer Ministers has found two bodies on their search efforts and they are currently trekking through the mountains, literally all day and all night foregoing sleep, food, and water. We have not heard from them officially in days but we found their bus and driver on the side of the road on our way back today. These guys are incredible. I have never seen such passion and intensity.

"Tomorrow, we are transitioning from search and rescue to supply distribution. We have sourced 20 generators to power villages and have pallets of water and thousands of pre-packed meals ready to go. We will fill the truck up and get rolling as soon as possibly."